2 thoughts on “Peter Schiff: ‘People Are A Lot Dumber Than I Thought!’ (Video)”

  1. More than coincidence.

    All of this, like GMO, Climate Engineering, Vaccines & Pandemics, Wars, Common Core/Purpose, Market manipulation showing false growth, Gold suppression in face of exponential demand, covert inflation, unemployment with massive unfunded state subsidies which, with perpetual National insolvency it is not just random coincidence.

    The relentless consistency of each by increments show it is impossible for all of it to be chance, all are being carefully orchestrated.


  2. Peter Schiff is right on the money with his analysis and, in a normal world, the two options he gives the US, at the end of the clip, are, indeed, the only two options the US has.
    In a normal world …


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