Hungary Suspends Gas Supplies To Ukraine ‘Indefinitely’

Hungary suspends gas supplies to Ukraine (BBC News, Sep 26, 2014):

Hungary’s gas pipeline operator, FGSZ, says it has suspended delivery of gas to neighbouring Ukraine “indefinitely”.

Ukraine has been receiving gas from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia since Russia cut off supplies to Ukraine in June in a dispute over unpaid bills.

Ukrainian state gas firm Naftogaz confirmed the stoppage, saying it was “unexpected and unexplained”.

FGSZ said it had acted to raise the flow of gas to Hungary, due to an expected increase in demand.

With winter approaching fears are mounting that Ukraine will be unable to heat homes and power industry without Russian gas.

Russian and Ukrainian energy ministers are meeting in Berlin for EU-brokered talks, aimed at heading off such a crisis.

2 thoughts on “Hungary Suspends Gas Supplies To Ukraine ‘Indefinitely’

  1. Putin is a master chess player. Those who truly understand the game know it is a practice in winning, not just war. Putin is playing to win. Right now, a majority of Ukraine people see themselves as Russian, not as a puppet of the US, which they despise.

    I don’t have all the information, but Russia and the Ukraine do. If the people decide they want to be officially part of Russia, the US puppet government will be thrown out with Putin’s help, and they will all be warm and comfortable this Winter.

    It is patently obvious what the people will choose, and the US will suffer another embarrassment when their puppets are thrown in the nearest ditch. Does anyone think they will choose an invading army over their historical heritage?

    The game has shifted radically. The only ones unaware are the US leaders. All opportunity and money are moving east. If you look at the US stock market, ignoring the daily rigged numbers you will see money is bleeding out, and nothing is coming in. High Frequency trades make up over 85% of the US markets, ie: skim and sell; and only 15% is made up of real investors. Of that tiny percentage, we don’t know how much is margined.

    There is another rock rolling down the hill towards the US economy, the FED. The FED is a private bank, and has no connection with the government beyond collusion. It has been carrying 86%+ interest on the National Debt since 2007. At what point will the FED decide to cut their losses?

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