Disgusting: David Cameron UN Speech United Nations PM David Cameron ISIS UK Parliament Votes Approves Airstrikes (Video)

H/t reader squodgy:

“More evidence anyone questioning the official line will be considered a terrorist in UK….”

And don’t miss to go to YouTube to take a look at those refreshing comments!

Have to look hard to find one in support of Camoron.

For every lie Cameron and every other elite puppet politician like him should get such a punch right into the middle of their face:

‘This Is A Punch’ – Chen Xiaowang (Video)

We can be rest assured that they will only be able to lie once.

Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Now As Dangerous As ISIS …

Sep 24, 2014

++ Iraq: al Baghdadi appare in immagini in moschea Mossul ++
A welcome distraction: the Islamist dude with the $6.500 James Bond watch.

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3 thoughts on “Disgusting: David Cameron UN Speech United Nations PM David Cameron ISIS UK Parliament Votes Approves Airstrikes (Video)”

  1. Okay, Squodgy, Just listened to Cameron’s video. In short, he recommends:
    Uniting with Iran against the new Al Qaeda, ISIL
    Islam is a peaceful religion(he has a good public school education by his excellent diction, but skipped theology classes). Islam is not a peaceful religion.
    Defeat hate groups through censorship…..never mind that also censors those of us who want to call government and corruption out.
    Censor hate groups pictures beheading prisoners.
    ISIL = Nazis
    Free speech is over done, “let Moslems get their religion back from extremism” by censorship. Huh?
    “Rule of law can build a better 21st century”. Whose law?
    I also saw lots of empty seats………what do these clowns know about rule of law?
    “Our enemies enemy is not our friend.” No kidding.
    “Syria and Iraq need democratic governments. ISIL isn’t going to lead them.”
    By what means does he define democratic governments? Bombing and destruction?
    ISIL = “Al Qaeda gonna git ya”,
    Iran should be “part of the solution”. WTF?
    UK is fighting ISIL at home by grabbing more passports, taking away more civil rights and stopping the travel of those they think bear watching. How is this different than Nazi Germany? The UK, of all nations, should know better.
    Were it not for the UK, we might all be speaking German now.
    “Should be a place for UK military action in bombing, training, equipping and enabling them to fight, such as the Kurds, etc.”
    UK is going to hit Iraq to fight ISIL.
    In other words, they are going after a US created menace.

  2. Muddied Waters.

    I think (and it IS just a thought) that with all the lies & bull fed to us over the centuries, that the yids and the left footers (catholics) colluded to create Islam.

    I would NOT be surprised if the Vatican didn’t write the Qu’ran and got some yiddishe terrorist, paid him good shekels and got him to claim he was Mohammed & he had a message from Allah for all non jews.

    It fits.


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