PIMCO: Here’s What It Owns

PIMCO: Here’s What It Owns (ZeroHedge, Sep 26, 2014):

PIMCO is big. Scratch that, it’s massive: after all it holds over $2 trillion in global securities, mostly bond-related. It is so big, in fact, it takes two pages just to list the number of funds that comprise it, let alone the securities that these funds actually own. Which is a problem when trying to estimate the impact of what a possible asset-shift, if not outright liqudation of some/all of PIMCO’s holdings would have.  Yet one has to start somewhere, and the somewhere probably should be with the list of the TRF’s biggest holdings as a % of NAV. Here it is.

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  1. Owns a lot of CA municipal bonds, funds and income.
    Also lots of Bank of America.
    It was very small, very difficult to read.
    Looks like PIMCO is just as vulnerable as everyone else.
    CA isn’t a great investment these days, and B of A is just like the other banks, big, empty shells full of paper debt.
    Not really a smart place to park a lot of money.


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