Ebola Death Camps Unveiled In Liberia – Disease Victims To Be Rounded Up And Removed From Their Own Homes By Force

Ebola death camps unveiled in Liberia; disease victims to be rounded up and removed from their own homes by force (Natural News, Sep 23, 2014):

According to the Washington Post [1], the World Health Organization has announced a program which would round up Ebola victims across Liberia and herd them into “Ebola death camps” in order to isolate them from their families.

Although they aren’t called “Ebola death camps” — the sweet-sounding public name for the facilities is “community care centers” — their purpose is “to move infected people out of their homes and into ad hoc centers that will provide rudimentary care,” says the Post.

It is obvious from the context of these reports that Ebola victims’ relocation to these centers will not be voluntary. In other words, people who refuse to go will simply be arrested and made to go.

Reportedly, a total of 70 such centers are planned on being deployed across Liberia, each hosting 15 to 30 beds. In all, these facilities will handle about 1,500 Ebola patients. Yet these numbers are meaningless in a pandemic disease outbreak that the CDC is now publicly predicting “…could have a staggering 550,000 to 1.4 million cases by late January,” reports USA Today. [2]

In other words, the number of Ebola victims may outstrip the number of medical beds by a thousand to one. It is difficult to imagine how the existence of one hospital bed for every 1000 infected Ebola victims will have any impact whatsoever on halting the spread of the viral pandemic. Similarly, the U.S. military’s efforts to “build facilities for 1,700 Ebola patients across Liberia” as reported by the Washington Post is nothing more than a token publicity stunt to create the appearance that the American government is “doing something” to halt the disease.

It’s all rolling out like clockwork: Medical martial law, death camps and forced vaccinations

As Natural News readers well know, I publicly predicted the deployment of forced quarantine death camps in Episode Three of the Pandemic Preparedness course at www.BioDefense.com

Now they are about to become reality.

I also publicly predicted medical martial law in Episode Four, and we’ve all seen that exact scenario unfold in Sierra Leone over the last three days during a forced “lockdown” that resulted in nationwide food shortages.

All of these outbreak mitigation tactics — Ebola death camps, forced quarantines and medical martial law — will also be used in the United States if the Ebola outbreak reaches America’s shores. But the extra bonus for Americans is that all these tactics will be conducted by heavily militarized police and weapons-toting DHS personnel who now see the streets of America as their battleground.

Yet, despite this reality, nearly all Americans go about their day-to-day lives in a delusional comfort zone, oblivious to the fact that a potential global killer is right now raging out of control just one continent away. Despite all the best efforts of the world’s nations, nothing has been able to halt the spread of Ebola, and the monopolistic practices of the pharmaceutical industry are making sure no one has access to natural cures that might prove to be lifesaving remedies: colloidal silver, Chinese medicine herbs, essential oils, herbal extracts and nutrient therapies.

Governments everywhere are in a state of denial over the true magnitude of the Ebola outbreak

Even the New York Times is now reporting that the real Ebola fatalities in Africa are far worse than local governments are acknowledging. Bodies are piling up in local cemeteries, but government officials are only counting a fraction of those deaths as being from Ebola.

“…As the cemetery records show, the challenge facing the government might be of a different magnitude than previously thought,” reports the Times. [3]

“International health experts here had no explanation for the striking discrepancy between the government’s tally of the dead in the capital and the cemetery crew’s statistics.”

The paper goes on to report how most of the bodies needing burial are those of young, healthy people, clearly indicating a pandemic is causing early death:

The majority of the recent deaths recorded at the cemetery were young people — young adults, people in early middle age, or children — with very few elderly people on the list. Several of the deaths also occurred in a concentrated area, sometimes in the same house, suggesting that a virulent infection had struck.

How will the outbreak ever be contained after infecting one million people?

Given that the CDC is now predicting the possibility of 550,000 to 1.4 million cases of Ebola by January, I’m personally wondering how anyone in the medical world thinks this outbreak can be restrained to the continent of Africa.

How do one million people get infected with Ebola and not a single person travels outside the country to infect others in Europe or the Middle East?

How do 3,000 U.S. troops conduct operations in Africa without a single one of them contracting Ebola and carrying it back to the states?

It is very difficult to imagine this outbreak being contained to Africa once it surpasses a few hundred thousand infections — a scenario which could easily unfold before the end of 2014, according to CDC estimates.

The very factors that caused Ebola to explode in Africa — high population density — exist in every major city around the world, including New York City, Mexico City, London and Beijing. Ebola, it turns out, doesn’t know the difference between a third-world country and a first-world nation. It infects indiscriminately, at every opportunity, regardless of economic status or ethnic origin.

So far, the World Health Organization’s answer to Ebola has been to hand out free soap during door-to-door searches for Ebola victims. (For the record, Ebola is not afraid of soap. The silly soap distribution scheme in Sierra Leone was nothing more than a publicity stunt…)

Americans are living in a total state of denial regarding a global pandemic

The distracted masses who live in first-world nations like America and the UK remain wholly detached from the very real possibility of a trans-continental viral breakout, believing that somehow their advanced hospitals will protect them from a hellish virus for which there is no drug or vaccine.

And this is precisely why the people of such nations will panic if Ebola is discovered close to home. They are not psychology prepared for the shattering of their false sense of medical security, and they have taken no steps to prepare themselves for the food shortages, medical quarantines, martial law and FEMA death camps which will all be rolled out in a domestic outbreak of Ebola.

Here at Natural News, we are attempting to reach as many people as possible with a message of medical security, personal health protection and decentralized, redundant personal preparedness that can help every community better withstand a viral pandemic. It’s all contained in a free online audio course that’s downloadable now from www.BioDefense.com

Prepare now… or panic later. Those who wish to survive a global pandemic must learn in advance how to save your own life while your own clueless government is busy handing out soap and pretending that somehow Ebola can’t cross international borders.

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