10 Warning Signs Of Global Financial Meltdown

10 warning signs of global financial meltdown (Telegraph, Sep 19, 2014):

Stock markets and investors around the world have enjoyed record gains but the clouds are gathering

It is always best to fix the roof when the sun is shining, and with stock markets at or near record highs around the world then there is no better time than now to make sure investments and financial security are in good order.

Based on the following 10 charts there is every reason to think that the record run of gains for investors might be running out of steam, and that means taking some profits and raising cash would be a good idea.

Of course there is always the unknowable chance that European Central banks press the button on mass monetary easing, or for that matter central banks in the US, UK or China. But that is a dangerous investment strategy to rely on given the outlook below.

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  1. The China slowdown has been a reality for two years or more. They base their GDP on what they build, not what they earn. As a result, they are able to show growth that does not exist. They have lots of ghost towns, built to impress greedy gut visitors when they were visiting (not now, the air is too black and full of poisons, their own people wear oxygen bags to venture into the streets) regardless none of their workers could afford them.
    China built the world’s largest building, it is a beauty, complete with an artificial seashore. Downstairs, with the sea shore, there are places for shops and coffee bars.
    The next floor is for offices, the ones above are apartments for living quarters.
    Only one problem……the building is nearly empty.
    They have no economy any more than the US. They have been caught lying about their export levels again and again, and they just keep lying.
    As for the US markets, they are rigged completely.
    At some point, it will fall, and fall hard. There will be nothing to bring it back up.
    The UK is not in much better condition, they are too closely tied to US interests, so they will get nailed as well.
    We have crooks and criminals in charge, and (except Putin), none have a clue of what to do.


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