This Seems To Be Going Well…

This Seems To Be Going Well… (Sovereign man, Sep 16, 2014):

Gallup released a new poll late last week showing how many (or few, as it were) Americans are ‘satisfied’ with the direction of the country. 23%. That’s it. 76% are NOT satisfied. Only 1% aren’t sure.

The chart below shows the astounding, long-term decline since 2000.


Note, this is a trend that has outlasted three Presidents and six Congresses. It’s not about a single politician, or even ALL the politicians. It’s about the system itself.

Bottom line, people are fed up. The system has failed. And people are starting to realize it. Where do you think this goes?

1 thought on “This Seems To Be Going Well…

  1. 23%, 1% not sure……76% are not satisfied.
    What does that tell us?
    Less than one in four are satisfied. More than 3 in four are not.
    I wonder how many unemployed people they asked.
    I often wonder about these polls.
    I was once called to be polled when GW Bush was in office.
    They asked me what I thought of his performance. I said he was doing a terrible job, they hung up on me……
    So much for honesty in polling.
    I don’t know what to say, polls are not always honest.
    I’d like to know what group of people they polled.

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