How Many ‘Nations’ Have Left The UK Over The Last 238 Years …

238 Years Of The (Dis)United Kingdom (ZeroHedge, Sep 18, 2014):

As the World anxiously awaits the results of today’s Scottish Referendum for independence from The United Kingdom, we thought a little context on just how many ‘nations’ have left over the last 238 years…


Source: GlobalPost

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And As The Onion reports,

Projecting from the rate of territorial decline over the last two centuries, experts predicted Thursday that the British Empire will be reduced to an area of eight acres surrounding Buckingham Palace by as early as 2050.

“Considering the loss of its colonial possessions around the world over the years, as well as Scotland’s current independence campaign, we project that the once vast and mighty British Empire will soon reach only a few hundred feet beyond the property lines of the royal palace,” said Oxford University political science professor Patrick Withers, adding that within 35 years, the sum total of British-held territory will likely extend from Upper Belgrave St. a few blocks west of Buckingham Palace to just a small fraction of St. James’s Park to the east.

“According to even the most generous estimates, the England of 2050 will no longer include the British Museum, most of the River Thames, or the Houses of Parliament, which will present extraordinary difficulties in governance and sustaining British identity at all.”

Withers went on to say that within 100 years, the British Empire may be reduced to the Queen’s throne room and part of the hallway outside.

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It’s funny coz it’s true.

1 thought on “How Many ‘Nations’ Have Left The UK Over The Last 238 Years …

  1. Pure fantasy, based on bullshit.

    In depth analysis will provide sufficient evidence to prove these ‘nations, republics etc’ are still, and will forever be owned by the cabal that combines the German /Dutch//Danish based Royals and the German based Banksters such as the Rothschilds, the Principality of Lichtenstein, and so on.

    Just go back to see what happened to Gough Whitlam in Oz.. It all becomes very clear.

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