The Price Of Milk Just Hit An All-Time High

Got (Record-High-Priced) Milk? (ZeroHedge, Sep 17, 2014):

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s low PPI and this morning’s falling CPI, we thought it worth noting (given The Fed’s pre-occupation that inflation is running too low) that the price of milk – that staple of the American diet – just hit an all-time high. Nope, no inflation here…


As an aside, while correlation is not causation, the price of milk and the growth of the Fed Balance Sheet have an 82% correlation since March 2009.

Chart: Bloomberg

4 thoughts on “The Price Of Milk Just Hit An All-Time High”

  1. It isn’t inflation. It is the falling value of the dollar.
    Huge difference. Inflation can be controlled, the value of the currency is far different.


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