US Industrial Production Follows China; Misses With Biggest Drop Since Jan

US Industrial Production Follows China; Misses With Biggest Drop Since Jan (ZeroHedge, Sep 15, 2014):

But but but… the survey all said record highs… Yet another piece of hard data hits the tape and disappoints. While Fed surveys point to an exuberant economy, Industrial Production fell 0.1% in August (missing +0.28% expectations) for its worst print since January’s “weather”-related plunge. This comes on the heels of Chinese Industrial Production at its worst in 6 years… perhaps explaining why global GDP expectations continue to test cycle lows. US Capacity Utilization also dropped to 78.8% (lowest since Feb) and the weakness was all Manufacturing driven as production slumped 0.4% MoM – its worst since Jan. So who you gonna believe? Soft surveys? or Hard data?

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  1. Money continues to be sucked out of the US stock market. 85% of all transactions are High Frequency, where a few individuals, controlling huge funds buy and sell large amounts of securities in less time than one blinks an eye. The key word here is sell……..I call it skim & sell……they never put a cent in, just pull more out.
    The AMEX was merged with the NYSE to handle some of the cash losses, now they want to merge the NASDEQ with the NYSE for the same reason. Consolidation means less jobs (breaks my heart) and less cash, always. It is another word for retrenching, the opposite of progress or growth.
    The dollar is now used by 33% of all nations, down from 100% in Jan, 2010. That means nearly 70% no longer use the dollar in international trade. This has been a huge blow to the US, they have been skating on world reserve currency status for years. They abused the privilege, and the 21st century economy will have no use for any world reserve currency. Technology has rendered it obsolete.
    If you hear the Chinese are going to get the reserve currency status, ignore it. The Chinese are even worse than the US about their economic health, they lie and lie more.
    The world is changing rapidly. It is also in deep trouble thanks to no regulations, crooks and criminals in power…..and now, we all face extinction. Regardless of the business as usual we get caught reading about, the truth is that we are going to be destroyed very soon, not by aliens or other claptrap, but by our own technology, nuclear power.
    Einstein ought never to have revealed to the world how to split the atom. Such knowledge should only have been in the hands of the wise and those who seek understanding instead of MORE…….fill in the blanks.
    Of all men, Einstein ought to have known what would be done with such technology, he saw the Nazis and the horror they brought into the world. Now such people have nuclear power.
    Ironic that wars didn’t cause the beginning of the end for us, but the quest to harness nuclear power to light and heat cities. Not a bad ambition. Unfortunately, the builders are gone, all that are left are their heirs, and they are just greedy.
    I have many such people in my own family, they can never have enough of anything……..but, they cannot stop the fact the Pacific is dead, the source of 50% of our oxygen dies with it…….millions of foods and jobs die, and so does the human race, animals and fish.
    For what was all this done? Pity we could not have stayed at 1905 levels, been happy with indoor plumbing, electric lights instead of gas in our homes.
    The atom was split in the 1930s. 85 years later, we face death from it. This is why such information ought to have stayed in the hands of few……..greedy guts have no sense of history or interest in the future, and they have grabbed it all.
    Japan, which ought to be facing the world court for mass genocide, is starting up new nuclear plants, and not one word is spoken. The one brave journalist who openly covered Fukushima was found murdered. When mafia control tactics are used in government, we are finished……no offense to many good Mafia men I have known…….they would have known better…… is the tactics I am discussing.


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