Only Journalist Reporting About Fukushima On National TV Found Dead – Chilling Quote: ‘WHATEVER HAPPENS, I WANT YOU TO KNOW I WILL NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE’

H/t reader M.G.:

“Only Japanese producer with show that addressed Fukushima found dead………questions around death abound…..he was the only one with the guts to cover the horrors of Fukushima, the rest of the media is mute… the US media.”

–  “Very Frightening”: Journalist on popular Japan news program found dead — Only person reporting about Fukushima on national TV — Chilling recent quote: “I want you to know I will never commit suicide” — No news coverage of death, no obituary, ‘strange’ nuclear message shown on air (VIDEO) (ENENews, Sep 15, 2014):

Interview with Beverly Findlay Kaneko, evacuee from Yokohama, Japan, Social Uplift, published Sept. 14, 2014: A TV journalist named Mr. Masaki Iwaji, he was the only TV director to work on the Fukushima issue — the humanitarian problems and the corruption involved — and get it on national TV… He was found dead and there are rumors that it was suicide, but there is a lot of speculation that it was not. It is something that I’ve been thinking about quite a lot this week… His program, which is called ‘Hodo Station’, is a nightly news program that’s very popular. I would equate it to ‘60 Minutes’. That program has come under a lot of fire. The main anchor of that program, Mr. [Ichiro] Furutachi — who is extremely popular… it was rumored that he was in danger of losing his job for actually allowing these issues to be covered. Many of us are extremely upset to hear about Mr. Iwaji’s death. It’s very frightening. >> Watch segment here

Interview w/ Mrs. Kaneko, Nuclear Hotseat w/ Libbe HaLevy, Sept. 14, 2014 (emphasis added):

  • 5:00 in — Iwaji-san is the only journalist tackling the Fukushima issue in primetime. Whether he did it by his own hand or was murdered, it’s a tragic loss… He was responsible for this year’s 3/11 ‘Hodo Station’ coverage… It featured a mother of a cancer victim who agreed to appear with her face and voice disguised… His August 13th segment covered a sloppy decontamination job.
  • 9:00 in — [Iwaji’s friend, journalist Noriyuki Imanishi] refers to an incident where [a] police investigator who appears to be in charge… butted Iwaji’s microphone with his elbow and knocked the reporter into the mud and caused injuries that required a visit to the hospital. [My husband] Yuji and I actually met Mr. Iwaji personally in January… and at that meeting he told us about the police incident.
  • 12:00 in – He was found dead having taken sleeping pills. He lit a cold briquette, he taped off the doors of a 3rd floor bedroom in his home, and this all happened in the middle of the summer heat… it was carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • 12:45 in — Yasushi Nishimuta, a freelance reporter, wrote about the circumstances of Iwaji’s death… An acquaintance of Nishimuta’s met Iwaji on August 27th, and that acquaintance said that Iwaji was his old self and he was planning to start tackling the Fukushima issue again in September. On the 28th, Iwaji called the TV station saying he didn’t feel well and he wouldn’t be in. Reportedly his speech was slurred… According to police reports he died on the 29th… Iwaji was going through a difficult time with [divorce related] court mandated arbitration which is often very difficult for the men involved.
  • 15:30 inThere has been no official news coverage of his death and no official mention on the ‘Hodo Station’ program and there was no obituary… after Iwaji’s death ‘Hodo Station’ anchor Ichiro Furutachi and his co-anchor appeared in all black on one evening broadcast… Also a strange caption appeared stating that, “Time for nuclear news has run out. Please accept our apologies.” The caption was strangely phrased and strangely punctuated… a play on words that took the sounds from his name and sort of combined them to — a lot of people think — to contrive this secret message.
  • 17:45 in – Some people mention promises to get together for drinks or snacks, and they’ve posted recent photos of the director enjoying himself at a pub. He had plans for future projects, including a segment on the Ronald Reagan sailors… Yuji and I met with him in December and we’ve been in touch with him by telephone and email. Chillingly, a photojournalist friend of ours… said that he and Iwaji reassured each other when drinking, “Whatever happens, I want you to know I will never commit suicide.” And this is the refrain by other people too, not just someone we happen to know firsthand.
  • Full interview available here

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2 thoughts on “Only Journalist Reporting About Fukushima On National TV Found Dead – Chilling Quote: ‘WHATEVER HAPPENS, I WANT YOU TO KNOW I WILL NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE’

  1. Few people with a mission commit suicide. Suicide becomes an option when you truly realize you make no difference. On that sad day, you recognize those you have or would help look at you with suspicion and fear……. because fear rules these days. Development of personal bravery is an important asset, as well as a solid sense of right and wrong. Without these, one cannot have character.

    Once you realize that sad truth (as I have), suicide becomes possible. As long as you believe you can help others by staying alive, you will fight to do so. This is why I doubt this is suicide.

    My guess is that he was murdered, just like some very good journalists here in the west lately. If they don’t end up dead in body, they vanish, like Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, and more.

    Why lie about this pending threat of extinction? This isn’t Pompeii, we have knowledge of what nuclear fallout does to life as we know it. This dilemma proves knowledge isn’t power, wisdom is……and we have no wise people left in power. For some reason, this lyric comes to mind:

    “The three men I admire the most,
    The father, son and holy ghost,
    They caught the last train for the coast,
    The day the music died.”
    (Lyric from “Bye Bye Miss American Pie)

    We face Armageddon, the entire food and water chain has been destroyed along with half the world’s oxygen supply to date & will only get worse. Response by world leaders, say nothing, deny it, hide from it, do anything but face it.

    Corruption and greed are bred by fear, and that is what runs the world today.

    I spent the last decade of my life working with the sick and dying, set up a nonprofit to go on helping them after I was gone……. the fear and ugliness I encountered finally convinced me most are not worth it. I stood up for the aged and helpless all my life…….my mistake was in dreaming a nonprofit might go on helping more.

    The idea was solid, but the quality of our leadership has declined, and unless something good can go on without good purpose, it has no merit. Once a society has lost its sense of right and wrong, where greed overtakes all else, it is finished. The only people wanting into a nonprofit are those who would steal from it. I found that out the hard way.

    I was able to help some wonderful people throughout my life, and that was a rich experience I take with me. For those brave enough to live their truth in a mendacious world, I have the highest regard, but they will end up being destroyed for their efforts.

    The reason I am mentioning all of this is because I found most people (this is universal, not just the west) have a terror of death and haven’t the sense or courage to recognize it’s inevitability.

    An inheritance can be negative unless you say nothing, and your heirs find out only after you are gone. The minute a person is told he/she is going to inherit, a sense of entitlement enters, greed enters the psyche, and such a person cannot be trusted to not hurry the demise of one who wants to remember you with love. It can corrupt a weak person, and I truly believe inheritances ought to be sharply curtailed…..leaving billions to one person only guarantees more misery for the rest of the world.

    I have inherited, and I have earned. Earning feels much better…….

    I was fortunate, I have inherited more than once, but I didn’t know before hand I had anything coming. I have seen too many people hanging around the dying to hear what they would get upon their demise. I was taught (by my gracious, Edwardian grandmother) to give back, be grateful for what you have, delight in beauty and fine art, and never be stingy. But, she never told me I was in her will…….and it was wise.

    Death, the prospect and fear of it drives people into acting like animals (read about the era of the Black Death in Europe)………and I’d like to think that is one of the many reasons such a cap is being kept on this story; they don’t want total social breakdown. But, my long life, and experience with people tells me the old culprits of greed and fear are more likely the truth.

    Unfortunately, I think there are some really crazy people out there who think they can profit by keeping the truth buried. TEPCO has been selling power plants, and I read they are restarting more nuclear plants; they don’t care who dies……..but, we all do.

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