Iceland: Bardabunga Volcano Pollution At Record Level – Residents Warned – ‘Like Standing Behind A Truck And Inhaling The Vapors’

Bárðarbunga Pollution at Record Level – Residents Warned (Ice Age Now, Sep 13, 2014):

“Like standing behind a truck and inhaling the vapors,” says resident.

In Reyðarfjörður on Iceland’s east coast, sulfur dioxide measured at 4,000  µg/​cubicmeter just before 11 PM on Friday night, according to

All residents in the area are advised to keep inside, close window and raise the heat in ovens to keep the air pressure greater inside.

According to the warnings any measurements above 3,000 µg/​cubicmeter is considered unhealthy. This is by far the highest readings in Iceland since Iceland Met started following this pollution in 1970.

One resident said it was like standing behind a truck and inhaling the vapors. He complained of sore throat and irritation in his eyes, as well as a headache.

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