Alberta snowstorm flattens crops just ahead of harvest

Alberta snowstorm flattens crops just ahead of harvest (Ice Age Now, Sep 11, 2014):

The snowstorm that blanketed southern Alberta over the last days has flattened wheat and barley crops just as farmers were getting ready to harvest. Canola crops didn’t fare much better.

This will impact the quality of the harvest, because combines will have to go down almost into the dirt and practically dig the crop up.

“The loss of quality of the wheat can be a huge hit,” says Matt Sawyer, who farms north of Calgary near Acme.

It will also impact the bottom line. Harvesting will take almost twice as long as normal because combines will be moving considerably slower.

“By taking longer to harvest, you’re paying guys more days, you’re going to burn up considerably more fuel,” said Sawyer

(What have I been saying about stockpiling food?)

Thanks to Alan Poirier for this link

“We got quite a bit of snow in the city and that cut power off for 30,000 homes for most of Sp. 10, but the real devastation is for farmers whose crops had yet to be harvested,” says Alan. “That is why the shortening of the growing season is so bad for all of us.”

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