‘This Will Be A Literal Collapse Of The Entire Global Monetary System’

Physical gold and silver (stored outside the banking system!) will protect your financial assets.

Even more important will be water, food, …, etc.

On The Brink Of A Major Crisis: “This Will Be A Literal Collapse of the Entire Global Monetary System” (SHFTplan, Sep 6, 2014):

Discussions of the possible collapse of the U.S. dollar often center around how such an event will affect the domestic economy. But the dollar doesn’t just operate inside of a bubble. It is the world’s reserve currency for a reason. Some sixty-six countries world-wide either utilize it as their primary currency or peg their own currencies to its exchange rate. What this means, as noted by Future Money Trends in the micro documentary below, is that if and when the dollar does come under attack the fallout will be everywhere. The collapse will happen simultaneously and affect billions of people worldwide.

This is 33% of the nations of the world all submitting their currency sovereignty to the US Federal Reserve.

If and when the U.S. loses its currency status this will be a literal collapse of the entire global monetary system… A system that is built on lies, fraud and theft.

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As you might have guessed, when the game is finally up it will wreak havoc across global economies, financial markets and monetary systems. Should that ever happen, those who have failed to exchange their fiat currencies for physical goods of some sort are going to have a rude awakening.

As preparation for a currency collapse of unprecedented magnitude, contrarian economists and analysts recommend acquiring physical assets ahead of time. Because after the ‘event,’ it will be too late for the majority, as their dollars become nearly worthless and the cost of essential goods like food and energy skyrocket to nearly unnatainable levels as priced in dollars.

We have seen it time and again throughout recent history. Germany’s Weimar Republic, Hungary, Zimbabwe and most recently Argentina, have all experienced currency collapses. And in all instances one asset has stood the test of time and become the currency of choice when traditional systems of commerce collapsed.

Living in the heart of the Fiat bubble, Americans especially have forgotten about the one true currency. With the nation approaching nearly $20 trillion in national debt our entire system is built on a lie. But this lie affects the entire world because the US dollar is the world’s currency.

The gold market has been so distorted by governments and central banks around the world that today in an environment of quantitative easing, trillion dollar annual deficits, and negative interest rates, you can exchange your Fiat currency for an ounce of gold for less than the cost a mining company takes to produce it.

In 2013 all-in costs were $1620 per ounce, with an average price of $1411 per ounce. Recently gold has sold for less than $1300 an ounce.

Physical demand is currently setting records, with most of the demand coming from the east. Soon, North America and the world will begin to accumulate gold. 

The world is on the brink of a major fiat currency crisis.

The evidence for a continued downturn in the U.S. economy and further deterioration of the U.S. dollar is clear. The likely end result is a total collapse of Americans’ way of life.

Ask yourself these three questions to help you determine your best course of action:

  1. What is the dollar’s most likely future?
  2. Are you overly exposed to dollar denominated assets like your income, savings and the country you reside in?
  3. Can you envision a scenario where the world turns against the U.S. dollar?

When it happens only those who own physical assets not dependent on the U.S. dollar will maintain any semblance of wealth. Everyone else will be, almost instantaneously, relegated to third world status.

This micro documentary has been contributed by FutureMoneyTrends.com

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3 thoughts on “‘This Will Be A Literal Collapse Of The Entire Global Monetary System’”

  1. So, we are down to 33% of all nations that still accept the dollar………Putin and his growing coalition from BRICS have certainly done a job on the west.

    While fool Obama was trying to get world wars going, the real one was being fought very quietly as more of the world moved away from the US. It started in 2010. Only now are they going public with BRICS, De-dollarization, etc.

    As I have been saying for the last few years, the real world war is economic, and the US is losing. If we are down to 33% of the world, before 2010, it was 100%…….things are not good, and it is a matter of weeks or months before the dollar collapses. Switzerland is only the latest to join BRICS…….

    Putin is living proof of why history is made by men, not gaggles of fools.

  2. Got to be fair, T, this is exactly what you’ve advocated…see your ‘preparedness’ library.

    We knew it had to happen, and was nothing to do with Vlad.

    Corrupt banksters lent incompetent politicians immense sums foe military growth, and they bankrupted the system.

    The crash is inevitable. Pundits claim it will be a ‘correction’. If that is what happens, we are being fooled. They can’t kick the can down the road any longer, the world doesn’t want the US or the dollar any more.

    They are sick of being told what to do and how to do it.

    Being trained in Business Management & Accountancy & having run a business for 25 years, I know the signs. The western society is bankrupt.

    It really is time to think about empty shelves within the next twelve months.

  3. To Squodgy: I agree about being prepared with water, food, etc……I lived in a coastal rain forest for 12 years, on top of a hill…..and the area below me would flood, I was left without means to get in or out. I had a generator, supplies, and all I could think of for these emergencies.

    You are right this had to happen, my late partner and I thought an honest market would have reacted far sooner once they started trading with funny money…..using debt to trade…. using stock to purchase stock in other companies. But, no matter, the market kept going up. We could not believe it……The stock market was completely hijacked, especially after Clinton signed away all the regulations……he despised Clinton as much as I do.

    This will take some time to write out, so please bear with me.

    The US kept the game going because it held world reserve currency status, and you saw what happened to Iraq and Libya when their leaders called for a return to gold as the world reserve currency. Remember, Russia was out of the game at the time, and as a result, the US was now seen as the only superpower, and became a super bully.

    In 2000, the silent coup happened when the court gave the losing candidate the seat of the presidency. Next, came 911, Patriot Act, NSA Spying, and a lot of other terrible laws without the same amount of publicity.

    I think it was the invasion of Iraq, and the total lack of remorse for what was done there that really changed the feelings about America’s leadership. The Patriot Act and NSA Spying had been passed, habeas corpus was gone, and not one word said about restoring it. The Patriot Act kept getting renewed, but the details stayed deadly. Invasions of other nations were happening without note from US journalism.

    When Obama showed up on the world stage, people around the world were desperate for some decent US leadership again. The Bush Doctrine was a terror to all.

    Obama seemed an answer to their prayers. I tried to warn people, people don’t magically appear that way……. but the opposing choice was horrible.

    He promised a return to the Old America. He made a speech in Berlin that brought out half a million people to listen outside in late October. Never in my life had I seen a president swept to power with such a powerful international mandate.

    He got into office, and changed nothing. By 2010, it was obvious to all, he would change nothing. 2010 was the beginning of the end for the US; that is when financial steps started being taken.

    Habeas corpus was never mentioned again, but for millions of us, it was Obama’s part in NDAA that proved he was even more deadly than the last one. It was the part giving the military the power to sweep up any citizen(s) at home or abroad, and lock them away without charges for years if they desired. Obama used his specialized knowledge to set the Patriot Act, NSA Spying and NDAA into stone. The republic is as dead as the ancient Roman republic.

    It began in 2010 when Hugo Chavez introduced the first electronic currency, the Sucre, for his tiny group, the South American Trade Alliance. For the first time, member nations could trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre translated the value of each currency at the time of transaction, making conversion to any other currency obsolete. It was so small, about $500K, it flew under US radar. Before Chavez launched the Sucre, the US dollar was involved in 100% of all international trades.

    Russia and China watched closely. Seeing Chavez’s success, they followed with their own mutual agreement in November of 2010, trading with their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. China went on to recruit Turkey, Iran, many emerging African, South and Central American countries. All member nations could trade with each other, leaving the dollar out. More nations than I can recall joined with them, the behavior of US leaders made us hated around the world.

    Finally, in 2014, Russia and China went public about some of this, de-dollarization was the first. I was surprised because they started four years ago……but realized they waited until they were powerful enough to openly take on the US. They established BRICS and set up a fund equal to E100 billion to make loans to smaller countries wanting freedom from US financial domination.

    This is one of the key reasons the US has tried so desperately to start a world war……to divert the world from the truth. They don’t seem to understand propaganda/ media is only one small, supporting aspect of a political situation. The debt level of the US, and most of the west is staggering, and in the end, numbers tell the only truth.

    The US has proved to the world it is broke by not repaying Germany their gold (more about that below)……..nobody wants to partner with a beggar……..the crooks in power have been so busy stealing from everyone, they have literally killed the goose that laid the golden eggs……the middle class. Now, it is too late.

    As it stands, Russia, China, India, Brazil most of Africa, most of central and south America have all joined BRICS. Japan, Switzerland and other nations have dumped the dollar as well as Australia and New Zealand.

    A couple of years ago, Germany asked the US to return half their gold they have been storing since WW2. The US lied, stalled……finally Germany told them to forget it. It was a huge blunder, it showed the entire world the US is broke.

    The US dollar has gone from involvement in international trading at 100% to 33% in less than 4 years. When the EU dumps the dollar (when, not if), it will collapse.

    Ironic that the EU is the only organization left holding up the dollar……..the US is a shell of it’s former greatness, and the greedy guts have destroyed us.


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