NATO Allies Deny Ukraine Official’s Claims Of Military Support


NATO Allies Deny Ukraine Official’s Claims Of Military Support (ZeroHedge, Sep 7, 2014):

The constant to-and-fro of lies, propaganda, and misinformation continues among all sides in Ukraine; but this ‘denial’ occurred very rapidly. As Reuters reports, a senior aide to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said on Sunday that Kiev had reached agreement during the NATO summit in Wales on the provision of weapons and military advisers from five member states of the alliance. However, four of those five swiftly denied making any such pledge.

As Reuters reports,

It started…

“At the NATO summit agreements were reached on the provision of military advisers and supplies of modern armaments from the United States, France, Italy, Poland and Norway,” Poroshenko aide Yuri Lytsenko said on his Facebook page.

Which was a little odd since…

NATO officials have previously said the alliance will not send arms to non-member Ukraine

And then…

Three of those five swiftly denied making any such pledge…

Asked about Lytsenko’s comments, defence ministry officials in Italy, Poland and Norway denied plans to provide arms.

Norway later denied the report saying it has no plans to send arms or military hardware to Ukraine, the Royal Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Lars Gjemble, told Itar-Tass.

“We are now trying to find out why such information was distributed,” he said.

“This news is incorrect. Italy, along with other EU and NATO countries, is preparing a package of non-lethal military aid such as bullet-proof vests and helmets for Ukraine,” an Italian defence ministry official told Reuters.

And now a fourth, as the US denies also…

Washington has not made an offer of “lethal assistance” to Ukraine, a senior US official told Reuters on Sunday.


Lytsenko gave no further details. He may have made his comment for domestic political reasons to highlight the degree of NATO commitment to Ukraine and to its pro-Western president.

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So who do we trust now?


1 thought on “NATO Allies Deny Ukraine Official’s Claims Of Military Support”

  1. I am glad to read most of NATO has not followed the insane, illegal and rotten behavior of my native country. The US has become all we believed we fought against…..a totalitarian corporate dictatorship…… where corporate greed over-rides national best interests, truth or decency.

    I despise what I see. The US has been hijacked by criminals. Now, the loser in the white house has attacked Iraq again, after swearing to get us out…….but always leaving 50K cowboys there to protect the corporate oil wells.
    The oil belonged to the Iraq people, the US used military power to take it from them to give to their friends. Not one cent went into the US treasury, just into the pockets of their friends. They are so stupid. Even the ancient Romans understood why wars were fought…….to refill the national treasuries, not just greedy guts.
    I am sickened by it all. We are being destroyed by radiation from Japan, Washington State and NM. Not one word about any of it, or any efforts to slow or stop the lethal process.


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