Iceland’s Massive Lava-Fountain Lake (Stunning Video & Photos)

Stunning Video Of Iceland’s Massive Lava-Fountain Lake (ZeroHedge, Sep 7, 2014):

While Iceland’s serene landscape may be the perfect analogy for world markets currently, the eruption of its Bardarbunga volcano shows what fierce reality lies just beneath the surface. Capitalism and free markets will always find away though, and as RT reports, one travel company is cashing in on the incredible awe-inspiring images by offering tours over the volcano at a height of around 150 meters. As the following stunning clip shows, at $920, it may well be the trip of a lifetime…

And finally… mind-blowing images of lava fountains… (coming to the Bellagio soon?)

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  1. Iceland, like Hawaii (Big Island) are on the top of the mid-ocean ridge which runs up the middle of the Pacific and Atlantic.

    Both are on what are called “Hot Spots” where the magma flows readily both above & below the sea.

    Both have regular “Fluid” eruptions as the plates expand.

    This outpouring is balanced as the hardened techtonic plates sub-duct under one another causing earthquakes & volcanoes at the perimeters of the oceans, the Pacific “Ring of Fire” being a classic.

    It’s all quite normal & wonderful.

  2. I think of Pliny the Elder who got a boat to get a closer view of Pompeii…….he was a naval scholar, one of the few people studying the world and the seas at that time. His son, Pliny the Younger was wise enough to stay home and write about it. Pompeii was the first volcano seen by the Romans.
    The rich people of Pompeii stayed inside their strong houses, sure nothing could harm them, and went around their daily lives. Those intelligent enough to realize it might pose a danger grabbed boats and sailed out of danger. By the time it became obvious it was going to be a grave event, the people rushed to the city gates to get to the water, boats and freedom. There were so many people, none could get through…..literally trapped alive by their own fear.
    It is interesting to note that recent excavations showed people in their houses preparing to leave. It was so hot, their bodies turned into charcoal……..and what were they clutching? Loved ones? Children? Gold, Silver and jewelry……..not much different than now.
    I am far more interested in how this volcano will affect our world……..

  3. Thank you, Squodgy. I am glad to know they are normal, saw one over Hawaii from a chopper once………as long as they all don’t wake up at once…….


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