1 thought on “The Russian “”Invasion”” Of Ukraine (Video – Engl. Subtitles)

  1. The miserable warmongers are creating films of horror, and all sorts of rubbish. ISIS, the latest CIA creation, their creators are so ignorant, so disdainful of the American people, and those of the world…….they are using old footage from 2003 when that good for nothing whore, Colin Powell, sold that false war in Iraq. It is the same stuff, I remember it!
    I am a student of history, and my specialty is propaganda…..and not only is this propaganda, a 16 year old could do better.
    My disgust at our leaders in the US is not hidden, I despise all of them, especially the clowns like Ron Paul who get TV or radio time to whine about things….yet when he was in the congress, he didn’t bother voting a lot of the time……he is trying to sell his son to the American people…….and that is all he is doing.
    The EU appears to have leaders as empty headed and stupid as the US, and I am really sorry to see it. The west is going to be dragged into a terrible depression over this trash…..because they cannot admit they have all be beaten by one master chess player.
    This rubbish makes me sick.
    Americans are war weary, and their favorite idiot just took them back into Iraq. US media paints lies upon lies…….but when the financial pain starts hitting, people will really be upset.
    I went to see if I could get a better price for aspirin than $23.95 a bottle. The answer is no.
    This is a strong signal the dollar is falling, it is different than inflation…..I remember living through inflation in the 1970s and 1980s, it was different than this…..money buys nothing…..it is just unbelievable.
    When will people start noticing what these wars are doing to our currency?

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