This One Is Amazing: The Scottish Judiciary & The Leader Of The SNP Are Covering Up Child Abuse


H/t reader squodgy:

“This one is amazing.

The Scottish Judiciary & the leader of the SNP are covering up Child Abuse.

He tried to get justice for a Downs Syndrome girl, systematically abused by members of the Scottish “elite” including the Judiciary, but has been repeatedly imprisoned to shut him up, and is even now under “House Arrest” in England, on the instructions of the Scottish leader of Parliament even though he is WELSH.

That’s British/Scots/Welsh protectionism for PAEDOS.”




3 thoughts on “This One Is Amazing: The Scottish Judiciary & The Leader Of The SNP Are Covering Up Child Abuse

  1. This isn’t the only one.

    Paedophilia is institunional in the Western Society.

    Two female victim whistleblowers who complained of care home abuse to the local Police in Nottingham and Rotherham, have been sent to prison on trumped up arson charges, and are now in solitary.

    The Authorities are running scared the people are waking up to all their deviant games with kids.

    Thank goodness for the Jimmy Savile whistleblowers….although people must be kept up to date with the fact that the link with the Royal Family is being deliberately dumbed down, and the MSM have quietly dropped it all.

  2. Friend Squodgy:
    I find such pass times abusing and using children despicable. Unfortunately, there are countless people who do it to children. Then, the child grows up, and ends up doing the same to children as was done him or her. Not always, but, it happens.
    I knew a man who had it all. Nice home, good job, wife and two daughters. He seemed a decent fellow, not terribly interested in many things beyond sports and his box seats at stadiums……
    I would never have dreamed he had the sickness……but, he evidently liked little boys. When the Internet came into being, he jumped on it…..not to grow his business like many of us were doing, but to chase little boys on line.
    He was caught, arrested, nearly put in prison….the US has harsh laws about such things….he was put on probation.
    He came to my love for advise, his industry was going to rescind his license…..and my loved one helped him with the English to save his ability to work in his field… the US, you cannot deprive someone of their livelihood.
    Damned if he didn’t try it again, got caught, and went to jail.
    The disease, corruption, evil, call it what you will was so powerful that it cost him his freedom. He left the area, died soon afterwards. I don’t know if he died by his own hand or what…..but, he was totally ruined.
    I remember what Jesus said on this subject, a paraphrase is the best I can do “One who harms one hair on the head of these little ones is damned forever”. How anyone can abuse a child in such damaging ways is beyond me.
    I have read it is a control thing, but to me, it is just rotten.
    Unfortunately, child abuse has been known in the west from the time of the Romans.

  3. Yes, it is bad & evil, but to have the Authorities like the Local Council, Police & Judiciary actively involved in covering it up is just beyond comprehension.

    We pay their bloody wages to protect and serve us for god’s sake!

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