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  1. Seemingly world demand has not been fired up by the unlimited creation of paper money.

    The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) indicator of future bookings for shipping charters dried up two years ago and has now sunk (sic) beyond trace!

    Inflation is real and running at 10% on food alone. Yet official Gov figures do not include finance charges, food etc….the things we need to survive.

    My banksters charge 17.5% p.a. on an agreed overdraft facility!!! I won’t use it.

    Rents outside London are the same as twenty years ago.

    Collapse/War is now a certainty. The false bullshit NATO conference in Newport, Wales, continued to threaten Russis for all sorts despite having no evidence whatsoever,

    Vlad does NOT want a war, but is now being brow beaten into realisation that he must embrace that concept because the banksters need it to cover up their greed, corruption, theft and incompetence.

    It seems an unavoidable stage in Agenda 21’s implementation.

    I fear for my Grandkids with these evil arseholes in power.

  2. Squodgy, I agree with all you said.

    Don’t be too quick to sell Putin short.

    Do you play chess? My older brother taught me to play at the age of four, and I grew up in a chess environment. He became one of the people to develop the first computer chess games………I am no chess master, but I recognize one when I see one…..and Putin is a master. Chess is more than a war game, it is the game of winning, leaving the opposition no escape.

    Putin has been waging a silent war with the US and the west since 2010. This is what I see, and why…..

    In Spring of 2010, Hugo Chavez headed up the tiny South American Trade Alliance made up 12 countries, including Cuba. He introduced the first electronic currency, the Sucre, at that time. (If you go online, the story has been scrubbed, but I was following closely at the time, so was able to get the information.) For the first time, member nations were able to trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre translated the value of each currency at the time of transaction, leaving the dollar out. Their entire annual GDP was about $500 million, and it flew under US radar.

    Russia and China followed their progress closely, and seeing their success, adopted the same trading model for themselves, using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out.

    This shows Putin’s chess prowess. He took a simple trade agreement, and built a sister economy, an entire world economic system covering every aspect of the western economy. China went out and recruited a very willing market. The US was very unpopular, it was clear nothing would get better under Obama, and even its two remaining allies, Israel and the UK were not interested in corporate enriching wars.

    Today, over half the world no longer uses the dollar.
    By 2014, they became ready to flex their muscles. They first came out with their de-dollarization program……I was surprised because I knew they had started it nearly four years ago. Upon reflection, I realized I was a minority, and they’re strong enough now to get the word out.

    Next, came the formal announcement of BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. They established a fund of E100 billion to make loans to smaller nations wanting freedom from US financial domination. They are known as BRICS, the leading nations of this sister economy to the west. They now do what the US used to do, help smaller nations to grow…..now the US just bullies.
    As it now stands, (this is not a complete list, just from my memory) Turkey, Iran, most emerging nations in Africa, South and Central America, India, Japan (Obama gave them a pass), and, less than a month ago, Switzerland joined BRICS.

    Their system is very similar to the western one running today, with a few exceptions. The most obvious, (and galling to some) is the fact all the nations joining BRICS are solvent, while most of the ones in the west are broke.
    When the US & some EU members tried their latest stupid sanctions on Russia….I guess they finally figured out a nation that stopped using the dollar nearly four years ago would not care what they did with the dollar…….they decided to clamp down on credit card use.

    Russia simply brought out the 10+ year old Chinese version of Visa/Master Card, and business went on. Now, the western banks have to contend and compete with a Chinese version of their credit cards. Until then, the greedy gut bankers had an ongoing monopoly. No longer.

    The genius of Putin is that he put together an entire economic system, already up and running in China and other places, and every monetary game the west pulls, Putin has an answer.

    Now, they are talking about more sanctions……what a waste. Whatever they come up with…..gaggles of fools never make history, men do…….Putin will have a working alternative. The EU cannot afford a financial war with Russia, they rely on their gas and oil, along with the E120 billion a year Russia brought into their GDP. Now, that has been sharply curtailed.

    In 2010, China stopped selling rare earth minerals to the west. It is already understood computer parts and other things that require rare earth minerals have to be purchased from the east. This was the first warning shot from the east nothing stays unchanged forever.

    Meanwhile, Putin has been able to strike back with a vengeance. He stopped buying US and EU vehicles. What most people don’t know (I do, thanks to working in high technology and global trade systems for many years) is the price greedy gut corporations paid for 25 years of slave labor.

    For every corporation (including GE) that established MFG in China, the price was total access to their corporate secrets and blueprints. China already builds perfect copies of top level vehicles, planes, jets, computers, semiconductors, medical equipment, power plants, including nuclear, telecom material, wireless technology……all of it now is in the hands of the Chinese government.

    China is the one weak link in BRICS because of their true debt level, they are far higher than they admit. But, they can easily work their way out by MFG goods for Putin and other BRICS members. Just like Japan, China has been building up their military might since 2010…..the same year they began the silent war on the US and the west.

    If one goes to a globe of the world, and looks at the nations around the US, it is clear the US is not nearly as secure as it was even 30 years ago. In true chess player fashion, Putin has nearly circled the US.

    This latest nonsense from the EU could end the dollar’s power. If the EU persists in sanctions on Russia, Putin can and will cut off their gas and oil sources. The EU, unlike BRICS, is made up of nations deeply in debt, and they cannot afford a financial war with Putin.

    Assuming the EU leaders come to their senses and drop the sanctions, Putin could still force them to choose between the dollar and the open currency basket BRICS offers. The open currency basket will be attractive to some, not to others……the EU has a real problem getting members to agree on anything……….

    Should Putin force them to choose, there is at least a 50/50 chance they will choose the open basket over the dollar……if they do, the dollar will collapse.

    What amazes me is how few people realize the impotent stage the US has reached……..Putin has managed in four years to establish another economic system that works………anyone else, it would have taken a lifetime. Putin was smart enough not to reinvent the wheel, and he has covered a lot in record time.

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