Obama Is Defeated in Ukraine: CNN Finally Talks to Our Regime’s Victims There

Obama Is Defeated in Ukraine: CNN Finally Talks to Our Regime’s Victims There (Washington’s Blog, Sep 4, 2014):

Obama has definitely been defeated in Ukraine, and this is now clear because the news reports and videos and photos of our victims there, which were previously available only online and outside America, are starting to be communicated even via CNN, which is one of the U.S. regime’s major mouthpieces.

Those earlier reports from victims, which were always being suppressed inside the U.S., include, for examples, this, and this, and this, and this. So, the coverage abroad was extensive, and has been going on for many months now.

Americans, and people in U.S.-controlled or “NATO” countries, used not to get to hear about this war, the war that America started in Ukraine, from the standpoint of its victims. But now, CNN broadcasts this (1:38 onward there); and, so, now the reality of this is going to gradually sink in, even to Americans. Obama’s responsibility for this, and even earlier for this, will come to be known by people in “the West,” from whom it had previously been hidden by our ‘news’ media.

America’s having a President like this, after having had one like George W. Bush (who, of course, lied America into invading Iraq — likewise with assistance from America’s ‘news’ media), will change the way that this country is viewed around the world. Two in a row like that is at least one too many. But foreigners already know about this — only Americans are now coming to know it.

Already, the U.S. is viewed worldwide as “the most dangerous country,” Furthermore, “a plurality of people polled in several officially American-allied nations also rated the United States as dangerous. Thirty-seven percent of Mexicans and 17 percent of Canadians view their neighboring country with suspicion on the world stage. A surprising 13 percent of American respondents rated their own nation the biggest threat to world peace as well.”

So: 13% of Americans already knew that the U.S. is bad to non-Americans. They already knew that the U.S. is a bad actor. Perhaps, now that even CNN is interviewing our victims, this figure will rise to 14% or even higher; and maybe someday, any member of Congress who resists slashing our “Defense” (i.e., Aggression) budget will have lots of explaining to do to his increasingly skeptical, decreasingly duped, voters.

How will America’s aristocrats then get taxpayers to fund the muscle for their operations abroad? How will the overpaid U.S. corporate CEOs, and the law firms and PR firms and lobbyists, that they hire, be able to keep being so grossly overpaid, as they now are?

Once the ranks of dupes have been thinned from the electorate, who will be voting for their candidates enough to keep our aristocracy in power?

Might democracy some day even come to be restored to America?

These are exciting times, because big things are now in doubt.

Thus far, the Administration’s response has been to escalate its plans even more aggressively, and with more urgency.

Obama had promised to be the candidate for “Change.” Maybe the biggest change will happen as voters come to recognize that what he gave them is just more of the same. That’s a shocking realization. Lying on that scale out-does even George W. Bush.

Perhaps, at last, accountability will be restored in this country. But, even if that won’t happen, big changes are afoot in America, and all that we can see right now is the early glimmerings of it.

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