Halliburton Will Pay Just $1.1 Billion For Destroying The Gulf Of Mexico


Halliburton Manager Gets One Year Probation For Destroying Evidence Of 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Halliburton To Plead Guilty To Destroying Gulf Evidence And To Pay Maximum Fine Of $200,000

Halliburton Admits It Destroyed Gulf Spill Evidence, … Pays 0.0007% Of Revenue Fine

US Presidential Panel: Halliburton Knew Cement Mixed For BP Blowout Well Was Unstable

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: The Halliburton Connection:

The company acknowledged Friday that it had completed the final cementing of the oil well and pipe just 20 hours before the blowout last week.

And don’t forget this fact (!!!):

“Just eight days before the Gulf blow-out, Halliburton also announced that it had agreed to buy Boots & Coots for $240.4 million. Who are Boots & Coots?

The world’s largest oil-spill clean-up company which also deals with oil and gas well fires and blowouts.

What an incredibly fortunate coincidence. What a slice of luck.”

BP Deepwater Horizon - Gulf of Mexico - Disaster

Halliburton will pay $1.1 billion to settle Deepwater Horizon oil disaster lawsuits (The Verge Sep 2, 2014):

Halliburton has agreed to pay $1.1 billion to settle much of its part in 2010’s Gulf of Mexico oil rig disaster. The incident killed 11 people, and resulted in the largest oil spill in this history of the US after offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded. Halliburton was responsible for cement mixture used to seal the oil well, which ended up being faulty.

The agreement, which requires approval from a federal judge, covers claims against Halliburton as part of BP’s 2012 class action settlement, as well as punitive damages claims on property and in the commercial fishing industry. The agreement also removes Halliburton’s liability for compensating members of the 2012 BP settlement. That money is going into a trust, while other parts of the litigation involving companies like BP and rig operator Transocean continue to work their way through appeals.

The settlement is separate from a $200,000 fine the company paid to the US Department of Justice for destroying evidence related to the incident. According to the Justice Department, Halliburton ordered its employees to destroy simulations for structural tolerance of the concrete mix with system of metal collars. The number of collars, as well as the cement mix, could have made the difference in the outcome of the disaster, investigators found.

As Bloomberg notes, the settlement does not apply to some state lawsuits against Halliburton. It’s also a very small amount when compared with the billions BP has already paid, and could still be on the hook for. The company’s paid out $27 billion in efforts to clean up the spill and in legal compensation, and could be fined another $18 billion in penalties under the US Clean Water Act.


1 thought on “Halliburton Will Pay Just $1.1 Billion For Destroying The Gulf Of Mexico”

  1. The Gulf of Mexico, another dead piece of ocean. Feeds into the Pacific, also dead thanks to corporate greed.
    What the fools don’t understand is that nobody can live without food or oxygen……and both bodies of water provided a great deal.
    I remember the wonderful food in New Orleans, and of course, in my home town of San Francisco. We would go to the wharf, and pick out the crab we wanted still alive in a tank. Today, I dare not touch fish of any kind…..I lived on it for years.
    People used to ask how I kept my weight down…..I love fish. Now, there is none that is safe to eat. Smoked Salmon and Lox…..another favorite that I can no longer eat…..thanks to these bastards.
    They ought to thank their lucky stars I am not male under the age of 30……I’d go after them and they would pay with their miserable lives, not money. But, I am female, well over the age of 30, and so all I can do is rant.
    One of the rules of revolution is that the instigators have to be male and under 30. This is heart breaking, our food chain has been destroyed.
    They report the big sea animals stay in a small area to feed. Reason is that there is no oxygen for them elsewhere. Without oxygen, they cannot survive. Without oxygen, we cannot survive.
    The Pacific ocean provides 50% of the world’s oxygen…..now it is dead. A dead sea provides no oxygen, and many will die.
    Breathing is becoming a problem here in the west, but nothing is said. I cannot believe this is happening, but we are being destroyed by the vandals within……..the corporations.
    We will soon be no more. And, like so many before us, there will be no explanation, just death.
    The only good news is that the greedy guts will die as well.


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