New Satellite Maps Show Greenland And Antarctic Ice Caps Melting At Unprecedented Rate

H/t reader squodgy:

“So, who the hell do we believe???”

If we consider low temperature and sea-ice records the volcano theory seems to be the only one that does make sense …

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Shocking Climate Change Update:

Volcanoes melting Antarctic glaciers from below (Ice Age Now, June 12, 2014):

Dive below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and you’ll find fire as well as ice,

… especially if we also consider what happens in the Arctic:

Arctic Ice Cap Covers 656,000 Sq Miles MORE Than 2 Years Ago

– August 15 Global Sea Ice Area Highest Since 1996

As a side note:

Google translation:

How The Ozone Hole Over The Arctic Disappared (Spiegel, May 31, 2012):

Good news from the Arctic: has startled the giant ozone hole, the researchers in the past year, has disappeared. Human conduct, however, was not in the game – the weather is responsible for the healing of the shield.

New Satellite Maps Show World’s Major Ice Caps Melting at Unprecedented Rate (Eco Watch, Sep 1, 2014):

 German researchers have established the height of the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps with greater precision than ever before. And the new maps they have produced show that the ice is melting at an unprecedented rate.

The maps, produced with a satellite-mounted instrument, have elevation accuracies to within a few metres. Since Greenland’s ice cap is more than 2,000 metres thick on average, and the Antarctic bedrock supports 61 percent of the planet’s fresh water, this means that scientists can make more accurate assessments of annual melting.

Dr Veit Helm and other glaciologists at the Alfred Wegener Institute’s Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany, report in the journal The Cryosphere that, between them, the two ice sheets are now losing ice at the unprecedented rate of 500 cubic kilometers a year.

Big picture

The measurements used to make the maps were taken by an instrument aboard the European Space Agency’s orbiting satellite CryoSat-2. The satellite gets closer to the poles—to 88° latitude—than any previous mission and traverses almost 16 million sq km of ice, adding an area of ice the size of Spain to the big picture of change and loss in the frozen world.

CryoSat-2’s radar altimeter transmitted 7.5 million measurements of Greenland and 61 million of Antarctica during 2012, enabling glaciologists to work with a set of consistent measurements from a single instrument.

Over a three-year period, the researchers collected 200 million measurements in Antarctica and more than 14 million in Greenland. They were able to study how the ice sheets changed by comparing the data with measurements made by NASA’s ICESat mission.

More complex

Greenland’s volume of ice is being reduced at the rate of 375 cubic km a year. In Antarctica, the picture is more complex as the West Antarctic ice sheet is losing ice rapidly, but is growing in volume in East Antarctica.

Overall, the southern continent—98 percent of which is covered with ice and snow—is losing 125 cubic km a year. These are the highest rates observed since researchers started making satellite observations 20 years ago.

“Since 2009, the volume loss in Greenland has increased by a factor of about two, and the West Antarctic ice sheet by a factor of three,” said Angelika Humbert, one of the report’s authors.

5 thoughts on “New Satellite Maps Show Greenland And Antarctic Ice Caps Melting At Unprecedented Rate

  1. Once again, as with EVERY aspect of world events, we are being force fed BULLSHIT from every source connected to official Government, NATO, UN, WHO, Council for Foreign Relations, and so on.

    We must stop believing what they are feeding us.

  2. Again I ask….who is telling the truth?

    The probability, based on a cursory glance at our skies, the late Spring, excessive snow & rain and record Arctic Ice, is that the GSM is hitting us now but tectonic and volcanic activity up the Mid Atlantic Ridge is accelerating ice melt locally….we shall see ….eventually.

  3. It’s fair to say that global warming is just another way to screw the serfs out of their hard earned wages, nothing more. A rip off.
    As things develop, one wonders at Gore’s brass neck. They must have known all along, but greed overtook, as ever.

    It’s definitely getting darker and cooler on average in the Northern Hemisphere, and we haven’t had volcanic dispersion yet.

    Crop germination is being held back, and food shortages will definitely result, leading to price hikes where the serfs suffer.
    Vitamin D is already in short supply so illness susceptibility will increase, a natural Agenda 21.

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