15 BILLION Bq Tritium Flowing Into Pacific Every Day


15 Billion Bq of Tritium flows to the Pacific every single day / Tepco under-reported 1/15 at press conference (Fukushima Diary, Aug 31, 2014):

Following up this article.. 5 Billion Bq of Strontium-90 flows to the sea every single day [URL]

15 Billion Bq of Tritium flows from Fukushima plant area to the sea every single day. Tepco reported it in the handout submitted to Fukushima fishery cooperative on 8/25/2014.

In the press conference of the same day, Tepco announced it was 1 Billion Bq, which is 1/15 times much as the actual amount.

It is not clear if Tepco tried to under-report it intentionally or not. Tritium cannot be removed by any of the purification systems of Tepco.


3 thoughts on “15 BILLION Bq Tritium Flowing Into Pacific Every Day”

  1. I hope when people realize the portend of what these savages have done, and continue to do, that they take the Japanese leaders and the TEPCO executives, and crucify them upside down…….as they did to Mussolini. I hope it is public and televised. These bastards deserve the most painful death possible.

    It won’t help, but at least the genocide will include them.

    If I were young (under 30), I would like to help…..but most uprisings are led by young men under 30, not by old people like me. My time is over, and we are entering a period of upheaval and turbulence such as we have not seen since the 18th century.

    People are really feeling the gap between the few on top and the rest of us…….for decades, that was kept carefully hidden. Now, they are so arrogant, they don’t care what people think or see……..they believe they are invulnerable……..not a smart way to look at things.

    Old bag Clinton and Billy Boy had a wedding for their daughter a while back….price for the day exceeded $2 million dollars…….it is this type of excess that angers people……and they just don’t give a damn. It is stupid and arrogant.

    Meanwhile, millions were losing jobs, homes……..you name it. Such excesses are not acceptable in time of financial loss. During times of growth, when people are all working, they can get by with it, but in dire times, it is folly.

    It is time our leaders, rotten as they are, grow up and pay attention.

  2. I hit the button too quickly. Our leaders not only show excesses, but the fact their arrogance will lead to our death is beyond belief. They ignore Fukushima and all the nuclear disaster closer to home, pretend they don’t exist.
    Doesn’t anyone care?
    How can they go on like this? This isn’t a small amount, it isn’t something that will happen in 30 years…….it is happening right now.

  3. Question: The half-life of tritium (hydrogen-3) is 12.3 yr. If 46.9 mg of tritium is released from a nuclear power plant during the course of an accident, what mass of this nuclide will remain after 24.6 yr? (Significant figures are important)

    My answer: 11.7 mg. I came to this answer by recognizing that 24.6 yr is the duration of 2 half lives. Thus, 1/4 of the original amount will be present. Dividing 46.9 by 4 yields 11.725; however, I must use the correct number of significant figures (3, I believe), so my final answer is 11.7 mg.

    So the question is….how many Milligrams make a Becquerel?

    Any answers?

    Please tell me what I am doing wrong, because my answer has been marked wrong and I cannot figure out why.

    Read more: http://www.physicsforums.com


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