The Blueprint For World War III

The Blueprint for World War III (The CommonSense Show, Aug 29, 2014):

This article is the first of a two part series which details the coming war. This war will not be a simple war of occupation such as what we saw in Iran and presently in Afghanistan. This war will be utterly devastating and has the potential to escalate into a conflict befitting the over-used term, “Armageddon”.

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  1. I have said this before, and will say it one more time.

    The real war was started in 2010, once it became apparent no changes to the world economic system was forthcoming from the Obama Administration……just more of the same.

    I bet the folks who gave that clown the Nobel Peace Prize after his victory against McCain in 2008 were praying he would follow some of the powerful mandate that had swept him to power. They didn’t know about Manchurian Candidates, or the fact US presidential candidates are chosen years in advance…….long before the people ever hear their names.

    I don’t think any candidate in my lifetime was elected with a more urgent mandate than was given Obama. Every single supporter was going to get completely screwed. I cannot find a kinder way to put it.

    After violating every promise to every supporter, at home or abroad, the world was fed up. The solution was dreamed up by Hugo Chavez using his tiny ($500 million a year GDP) South American Trade Alliance. After seeing what happened to Iraq and Libya for voicing the truth…..that the US dollar was not worthy of being the world reserve currency……..they moved very quietly. The SATA, made up of 12 small nations, including Cuba, introduced the first electronic currency, the Sucre. For the first time, member nations could trade directly with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre translated the value of each currency at the time of transaction, making conversion to any other currency obsolete.

    Russia and China watched with great interest. They set up an identical system in November of 2010, trading with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. China went on to recruit most African emerging nations, South and Central American countries, and others.

    Three months ago, with great fanfare, they established a new trade agreement, BRICS. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa……..they were the key members, and they set up a fund equal to E100 Billion to loan money to smaller nations who wanted freedom from US financial domination. This is what the US used to do before they turned into bullies using endless threats as their foreign policy.

    As it now stands, the US dollar is accepted in less than half the world. At the rate they are going, it will be 75% by next year. The US has made themselves hated around the world, nobody likes to hear threats and live in fear of unilateral air strikes, regardless of reason or sense.

    Switzerland was the latest to join BRICS about three weeks ago. The US is losing ground as I write this, it is time to shut off the printing press and join the rest of the world, if it isn’t already too late.

    I fear it is too late. Criminals have control of the US, NATO, and other US sponsored organizations……..the people have no voice, and the US is seen as a broken nation……..decent people never make it as a candidate, let alone a leader.

    This economic war is the real one,it has been going on for four years, and the US is losing badly.


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