Ukraine Bought 58 T-72 Tanks From Hungary To Frame Russia

There you have your “Russian invasion” in E. Ukraine!


Ukraine Bought 58 T-72 Tanks From Hungary To Frame Russia Google translation: HERE

Ukraine bought 58 T-72 tanks from Hungary

Hungary Sells T-72 Tanks to…?

Hungary sells tanks in Ukraine

Moscow accuses Budapest of supplying tanks to Ukraine



7 thoughts on “Ukraine Bought 58 T-72 Tanks From Hungary To Frame Russia

  1. This is worse than a poor sitcom.

    I think Victoria Nudelman (Nuland) needs to justify the return on that “investment of $5Bn to destabilize the Ukraine”

    Did she budget for Malaysian MH17 Boeing 777 and 58 T-72 Tanks?

    • @Bri,

      And all video footage mentioned by the BBC has disappeared from YouTube:

      Ukraine crisis: T-72 tank shoots hole in Russian denial (BBC, Aug 27, 2014)

      Russia has consistently denied sending tanks into Ukraine, arguing that any vehicles used by separatist forces there must have been captured from the Ukrainian army itself.

      But now experts at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London have told the BBC that they have identified a Russian tank in a separatist column in eastern Ukraine that they say could only have come from across the border in Russia.

      Joseph Dempsey, an IISS analyst, has studied video footage reportedly taken on 26 August in Sverdlovsk, Luhansk, in eastern Ukraine. The video shows a convoy of military vehicles.

      Whilst date and location are unconfirmed, he says the operator of the convoy is apparent: flags associated with the separatist movement are clearly displayed and some vehicles feature bright green areas, a common feature of separatist armour.

      The mixed convoy includes at least three T-72B1 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) but it is the appearance of a lone, more modern T-72 variant (shown below) that is of particular significance.

      The U.S. has invested $5 billions into regime change in Ukraine …

      ‘Fuck The EU’ Victoria Nuland Says US Spent $5 BILLION To Back ‘DEMOCRACY’ In Ukraine

      … to create the chaos we are experiencing now and the main reason for that is to provoke Russia.

      If Putin is the real deal and not just another elite puppet, then the last thing he would do is to invade in E. Ukraine, because that is what the elitists want him to do and he knows it, because he knows history, which is why the U.S. and its allies come up with one false flag story after another, constantly blaming it on Russia and/or the Ukrainian ‘separatists’.

      We all better ask ourselves who benefits really from the chaos in Ukraine:

      Cui Bono? – Who Profits From Ukraine’s War?

      The elitists really want and have planned WW3 for us.

      This is what this madness is all about.

      Infinite Unknown

  2. The US has invested billions into this fool game…..billions in useless paper money that is losing value every day as less nations use it. A year or two ago, this might have worked…….today, Putin is far more popular than the US, and this won’t sell.
    1. The BRICS fund of the = to E100 Billion in a large fund to finance smaller countries desiring freedom from US financial domination. Putin is doing what the US used t7o do, give money to help smaller nations, not just bully them.
    2. The US has become so despised, deceptive and aggressive that no country will join any war effort, or even provide coalition support.
    3. It is out that ISIS is CIA backed, they even have US special forces aiding them openly. The easy initials told me….
    4. By not repaying Germany half their gold, the US has shown the world it is broke. Would you enter an endeavor with a homeless person or a bankrupt? Not likely. Not paying the Germans their own money, showed the US is indeed broke, and that the US has been riding on world reserve currency status to keep going. Thanks to the basket of currencies, started by Hugo Chavez, and evolved into a world economy by Putin……the need for any world reserve currency is obsolete.
    5. The US is broke, and nobody will do business with a bankrupt. They can try, but the Ukraine is 80% pro Russian…..this is beyond stupid. They cannot control a nation as big as Russia, or a part of the old Russian regime. It is just a matter of time before they eject the US puppet Ukraine government, and join Russia. Reason: Besides financial, they have strong cultural bonds.
    6. Russia, along with their huge alliance of nations, is making money. The Ukraine wants some of it. A few billion in worthless US dollars to government officials won’t cut it.
    7. Putin, with his strong alliances around the world is even winning Germany. Where Germany goes, so goes the EU.
    8. The EU members are not strong financially. The E120 billion Russia used to contribute in purchases from the EU is sorely missed. German leaders are cuddling up to Putin, they are sick of the US, and their endless greedy gut wars.
    9. This is my most point… is no longer IF, it is now WHEN the EU dumps the dollar, it will collapse.
    The US is finished. The only ones who don’t realize this are the fools who drink from US propaganda daily, and the corporate leaders.
    I went to the store the other day. A bottle of aspirin was $23.79. What does that tell you about the health and future of the US dollar? Two years ago, that same bottle was priced at 2 for 6.00.
    This isn’t inflation, this is falling dollar value.

  3. Eh, Ukraine already had 1180 T-72’s in storage. But none of the bought or the already owned are T-72B3 variants (which only Russia has), which “strangely” enough appeared in Donetsk.

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