2 thoughts on “Obama’s Russian Sanctions Explained (In One Cartoon)

  1. Lets see. Latest sanctions caused Putin to launch the Chinese Union credit card in competition to MasterCard and Visa. Soon, it will be used all over the east and Europe. Another link towards dumping the dollar for the EU.
    These idiots ought to be thrown out of office, but the people have no voice, it is a dictatorship of idiots, instead of a genius like Putin. They holler how terrible he is, and they are every bit as rapacious and evil as anyone could ever be.
    If I know less than half the world uses the dollar, that many nations have gone to Putin’s basket of currencies, allowing all nations to trade using their own currencies, leaving any world reserve currency out……technology has made a world reserve currency obsolete.
    These fools still think it is 1964 when the US led the world with gold backed currency. Putin is undermining the entire western economic model, and they are too stupid to see it. I can see it, why can’t they?

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