1 thought on “No Boots On The Ground (In One Cartoon)”

  1. Why there is no mention of the fifty thousand mercenaries living in the US embassy in Iraq is beyond me. I am sure I am not the only one aware of this…..Obama left them there when he did his big withdrawal of Iraq. Now, because he can no longer get any allies or coalitions, he is back to unilateral attacks on nations that cannot fight back. Iraq is ideal because he already has mercenary cowboys terrorizing the citizens in Iraq, as they have been doing without containment for the past eleven years……the US has never given up occupation of Iraq. Now, they are bombing it again to feed greedy gut war contractors…..they cannot go anywhere else. The US has no allies left. Even the UK and Israel won’t support the US any longer……..the US is now the rogue nation, just as Germany was in 1940.


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