Fukushima Update: “We’ll Never Know How To Stop This”

–  Japan Newspaper: “The seriousness of the current situation at Fukushima can’t be understated” — Report: Unmitigated radiation is pouring into Pacific Ocean — Video: They don’t know how to stop the radioactive leaks… we’ll never know how to stop this (ENENews, Aug 23, 2014)

Scientist holds press conference in Tokyo: Urgent need to share new developments from Fukushima — Very, very striking results show radiation injury to whole ecosystems — Significant implications for Japan (VIDEO) (ENENews, Aug 22, 2014)

Time Magazine: Doctor links recent outbreaks of ‘mysterious ­rashes’ to Fukushima — Cancer Specialist: “There’s so much societal pressure to not even mention the word radiation” — Video: Huge number of cancers already… gov’t actively engaged in safety propaganda (VIDEO) (ENENews, Aug 22, 2014)

Top US Nuclear Officials Visit Fukushima: “The pain they’ve inflicted… innocent lives impacted forever… children” — “Sick to my stomach… as if I were in a science fiction movie” — “Very sobering” — “We raise the standard of living for millions… without us, heart surgery isn’t possible” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Aug 22, 2014)

74,000,000,000 Bq of Cs-134/137 only within 10 mins released from Reactor3 in the summer of 2013 (Fukushima Diary, Aug 22, 2014)

ABC news “10 horses dead this season in a racetrack of California, injuries and heart attack” (Fukushima Diary, Aug 22, 2014)

2 thoughts on “Fukushima Update: “We’ll Never Know How To Stop This””

  1. This morning at 3:25AM we had a 6.1 earthquake. Thanks to consolidation of the media, there was no coverage until 5am. Also a quake in Japan at about the same time, cannot help but wonder if they are related. Here in CA, they cannot identify a fault as the source, unheard of in my lifetime. Also, Iceland is having a volcanic eruption……

    This consolidation of media is the reason there is no coverage of this horrible ongoing disaster from Fukushima. Even the death of multi million dollar horses from our racetracks is being blacked out. How much longer can this go on?

    The west coast, where I live, is being destroyed. The Pacific Ocean is now officially dead. Still, no word is ventured…..is this China? In China, I would expect it, but here?

  2. Dear readers,

    Is the Pacific really dead? If so, is there one website where ordinary people, that love the Pacific and the planet, can drop their stories, pictures and videos that are a proof of this fact?



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