Headed for lowest solar activity in four centuries – ‘The primary concern is famine’ (Video)

Headed for lowest solar activity in four centuries – Video (Ice Age Now, Aug 18, 2014):

“The primary concern is famine.”

We appear to be headed for conditions similar to the Maunder Minimum, says this video from Suspicious0bservers. This low in solar activity comes after what was likely the highest solar activity in the last 3,000 years.

Here are a few observations from the video:

The primary concern is famine.

  • In the 1630s, two million people died due to famine in India.
  • At about the same time, huge portions of Europe developed famines, including Poland, Ireland, England, France.
  • In the early 1660s, India went two years without a single drop of rain.
  • In 1680, famine killed 80,000 people in Sardinia.
  • A famine in the 1690s killed 15 percent of the Scottish population.
  • Two million dead in France during that same period.
  • During the same decade, more than 100,000 peopole died in Sweden and Estonia.
  • At the turn of the century, two million more people died of famine in India.
  • Just a few years later, Eastern Prussia lost 40 percent of its population to famine.

Look at the chart in this video to see how quickly the climate changed. We are currently experiencing changes even faster than those.

The harsh winters like 2010 in Europe, or 2013 in North America, will become more prevalent, the video continues.

This brings up some important questions.

  • How long before travel and commerce are interrupted?
  • How long before agriculture suffers like it did 400 years ago?
  • How long before the plagues and disease that come with famine rise again?

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1 thought on “Headed for lowest solar activity in four centuries – ‘The primary concern is famine’ (Video)”

  1. The 1600s were a very interesting time, especially in Europe and England. The beheading of Charles I in 1649, the establishment of some rights for the people. Cromwell served as the Great Protector until his death in 1659. Then, the son of Charles I was given the throne. England wanted a King, it was part of their tradition.
    It was also the century when man developed enough farming skills, such as resting soil, switching things to grow……..finally man was applying some basic science to raising food. By 1700, for the first time in centuries, they were actually raising enough food to feed the people alive, and because of that, were able to focus on other things, such as education, art, architecture, music……..
    Some bad things happened, but bad things always happen. It was a time when the west began to grow and expand, all kinds of new ideas emerged.
    I don’t know about solar activity. Perhaps it is bad, perhaps it isn’t. It is part of life in the solar system.
    In my opinion, we have a bigger problem……Fukushima. Nobody is doing a damn thing to slow or stop it. The Pacific Ocean is now dead. The largest ocean on the planet providing 50% of our oxygen is now dead.
    I think the problems we have are far closer to home than solar activity. Lets try to keep it simple.


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