Truth seekers rushing to Diaspora and to escape censorship of corporate-run social media

Truth seekers rushing to Diaspora and to escape censorship of corporate-run social media (Natural News, Aug 19, 2014):

Share this alert with everyone you know in alternative media, natural health, honest journalism and truth-seeking: The era of “mainstream social media” (i.e. Facebook, etc.) as a trusted social media hub is coming to a close. As everyone has noticed by now, Facebook selectively censors posts based on their keyword content, suppressing truthful information about natural cures, GMOs, mercury in vaccines and even cancer prevention strategies.

Everyone in the truth movement now fully realizes that corporate-run social media will always be controlled by corporate interests. Thus, it is useless for the kind of honest investigative journalism the world really needs right now in this era of unprecedented information oppression and propaganda. An alternative social sharing network has long been sought which could serve as a trusted, independent, non-corporate gathering place for truth seekers.

We have now identified two online organizations which serve this purpose. They are both rooted in open-source programming, freedom of information and individual liberty. They run on donations (so be sure to donate to them, see below) and therefore are not beholden to the interests of powerful corporations.

These two organizations are called “Diaspora” and “Unseen.”

You are invited to join them now and start receiving the full, uncensored truth of ALL the news we publish here at Natural News.


Diaspora is best described as an open-source, freedom-of-information social sharing site run by passionate programmers who believe in the democratization of information.

“We don’t trust Facebook nor Google,” says the FAQ page of “Diaspora is the social network that puts you in control of your information. You decide what you’d like to share, and with whom. You retain full ownership of all your information, including friend lists, messages, photos, and profile details. Diaspora is not a single site — it’s a collection of different sites, with different URLs, run by different people. But they all run the same software, and they all talk to each other. Each server is called a ‘pod.’ As the service grows, lots of these pods will join the Diaspora network.”

Importantly, Diaspora does not censor users’ posts. Facebook currently distributes Natural News posts to only 2% of our followers, blocking our news from 98% of our audience. Diaspora censors nothing. So people are free to post what they wish, and all users who have joined that information source will receive 100% of the posts.

Click here for instructions on signing up with Diaspora to receive ALL Natural News posts.

Just as importantly, Diaspora also does not run psychological experiments on its users (like Facebook does), and it doesn’t sell your private data to corporations. The Diaspora privacy policy, in fact, reads, “We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.”

Natural News has already made an initial financial donation to Diaspora, and we are going to pledge even more to this outstanding network which was built by extraordinary individuals with a passion for freedom and truth. I personally believe networks like Diaspora have the potential to unleash freedom across our world, bypassing the imperial censorship tactics of the “evil empire” of corporate-controlled media and government propaganda.

The Natural News page on Diaspora is found here.

The signup page is available here.

Natural News is currently attached to the “pod,” and we plan to launch our own pod in the future in order to help promote and support Diaspora network integrity. is an extraordinary platform for securely encrypted text chats and voice phone calls. In just a few short days, Unseen will be launching a Facebook-like social sharing front-end which will look a lot like Facebook. Unlike Facebook, however, Unseen won’t be censoring posts. So you’ll see ALL the news from every source you choose to follow.

Unseen is based in Iceland, which has the world’s most strict internet privacy laws that prevent rogue governments from confiscating user information (or seizing servers). It was founded by people who have a very strong and passionate desire to bypass government censorship in dictatorial countries like China, allowing the people to experience information democratization (i.e. freedom of information).

More and more, however, even countries like the United States are being run like dictatorial regimes, with corporate-run social media websites, search engines and wiki sites devolving into little more than propaganda/disinfo machines. That’s why is exploding in popularity: people are tired of being lied to or censored on the web. They’re sick of the dumbed-down mainstream media with its falsified, staged fake news and nauseating corporate bias.

People want the raw truth, and sadly today in America, you have to go offshore to get the truth. That’s why is set to explode in popularity as users migrate away from mainstream social media sites.

Click here for instructions on signing up for

Right now, you can create an account on Unseen and connect with Natural News. Once Unseen launches its Facebook-like newsfeed page, you will be able to receive Natural News posts in real time, with zero censorship.

While using Unseen is free, you may also wish to consider supporting Unseen with a premium (paid) account that provides you with extra benefits. This is one way to help financially support this very important organization that stands for freedom of information.

All Natural News urgent alerts will be broadcast on Diaspora and Unseen

From here forward, all Natural News URGENT ALERTS on topics like economic collapse, nuclear catastrophes, Martial Law, food recalls and more will be posted first on Diaspora and

Join both of these services and add Natural News as a news source in order to be kept informed without being censored by corporate interests.

Remember, when the stuff hits the fan, all corporate-controlled media and social media will censor the truth. You will only be able to access the real story of what’s happening through offshore, open-source social hubs like Diaspora and

I predict a massive migration wave away from Facebook and toward these services. Also watch for the powers that be to spread false rumors about both of these services in an attempt to discredit them.

Spread the word: Encourage alternative media sources to create their own news pages at Diaspora and

Lastly, share this story with other writers, editors, bloggers and journalists who are part of the truth-telling movement. Everyone needs to create their own pages on Diaspora and so that they can build up a reader base which cannot be deleted or censored by Facebook, Google, Twitter or other services.

We must now all realize that mainstream online services will forever be controlled by corporations, governments or even the NSA. Only alternative, independent sources can now be trusted. Given the increasing chaos of the world around us — with riots in Missouri, war in Ukraine, water collapse in California and so on — we all need access to the truth more than ever before.

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