Experts: Plutonium and uranium flow into ocean from Fukushima – ‘Heavily contaminated’ water is leaking out of plant

H/t reader M.G.:

“Back to the only important story, Fukushima, here is another grim update.
God Damn the Japanese corporations and the complicit government that doesn’t care who dies as long as they profit. I hope there is a special hell for them……..”

–  Experts: Plutonium and uranium flow into ocean from Fukushima — “Heavily contaminated” water is leaking out of plant — Melted fuel releasing hundreds of different radioactive materials — Officials refuse to investigate 90% of these (VIDEO) (ENENews, Aug 18, 2014):

Dr. Jacques Repussard, Director General of France’s Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), May 15, 2014 (emphasis added): To deal with the remaining issue of the contaminated water [Tepco should] limit, or even finalize, the underground leak into the sea of heavily contaminated water. >> Watch the interview here

Tim Deere-Jones, UK-based marine radioactivity consultant (pdf), ‘Fukushima Marine Radioactivity Issues‘, August 2013: The current operating marine environmental monitoring regimes in the relevant sea area are focusing on a very small number of radionuclides, principally caesium, iodine and strontium. These represent less than 10% of the total inventory of nuclides… I can see no justification for refusing to investigate the concentrations of approximately 90% of the radioactive material (all of which are capable of contaminating environmental media and delivering doses of radioactivity to wildlife and human populations)… there can be little doubt that a range of other isotopes including actinides/alpha emitters (probably 4 or 5 isotopes of plutonium, 3 of Uranium, and also Americium and Curium) will also have been released and entered into the marine environment.

Interview with Dr. Gordon Edwards, court-certified nuclear expert, Crystal Kids Radio, Aug. 8, 2014 (at 50:00 in): They have to pump about 400 tons of water [every day] down into the cores of those reactors… They’re going to have to do this for at least 7 or 8 years, maybe longer, maybe 10 years… It can’t be dumped into the ocean, it’s completely unsafe… It’s impossible for them to remove all those hundreds of radioactive materials.

Yet Japan’s Yomuri Shimbun has recently claimed: “Groundwater… is contaminated with radioactive substances released into the air from the plant at the time of the nuclear crisis.”

And according to Tepco: “400 tons of… ‘lightly’ contaminated water leaks into the sea every day.” Which gets repeated by major news outlets like the Japan Times: “400 tons of lightly contaminated water… seeps daily into the Pacific.”

Full interview with Dr. Edwards here

6 thoughts on “Experts: Plutonium and uranium flow into ocean from Fukushima – ‘Heavily contaminated’ water is leaking out of plant

  1. For your readers who live in other places than on the west coast of the Americas. The Pacific Ocean, the largest one on the earth, providing 50% of the world’s oxygen is officially dead. Not admitted by our corrupt leaders, but it is pretty clear.
    Fish are gone, no new sea shells, no sardines, shrimp or other small sea creatures……No crab, no lobster……all the things I remember as a youth on Fisherman’s Wharf fresh from the sea…….they are no more.
    The big sea creatures, whales, dolphins and other big animals are trapped in the bays along our coast because there is no food or oxygen to nourish them. They are about a third of their weight…..and many are sick and covered with sores and pus from the radioactive poisons from Fukushima.
    Scary and disgusting sea creatures such as we never knew existed……fish with teeth, and other prehistoric appearing creatures are rising to the surface, beaching and dying. The vulture creatures provided by nature to eat the dead bodies won’t touch them, they can smell the poisons.
    About a year ago, hundreds of dead sea turtles washed ashore in Costa Rica. Dogs, not being programmed to smell disease like vulture creatures, raced down and ate them. They died instantly, telling those who witnessed it the poison levels in the ocean was far higher than admitted by the scumbags at Tepco, or their government.
    The story was buried, just as the dead bodies on our beaches are not covered. No services are in place to safely remove them, the stench and the disease is getting really bad. In time, it will be overwhelming.
    For the good folks who love and live on the coast, I feel for you, it will soon be a terrible place to be, let alone live.
    Our magnificent beaches have brought tourists from around the world for decades, but nobody will come to the body littered mess on a dead ocean.
    The Pacific is dead. None of us have ever dealt with such a dreadful situation………the food chain is not only broken, but destroyed.

  2. There’s nothing more to say other than we have passively allowed these people to destroy the environment by our gullible trust in them.

    Could we have prevented it? I doubt it. It was inevitable. Greed, corruption and evil have been allowed to prosper.

    We now have to put all our faith in mother nature & hope she has the strength to overcome. In the meantime, take whatever steps we can to help her and thereby help ourselves.

    Background radiation here in UK is now 3X what it was 3 years ago according to my two radiation detectors.
    It is now 0.21 McSv.

  3. To Squodgy:
    If you live in the UK, studying my globe of the world, you are farthest from the radiation…..the Atlantic is between you and the beginning of the Pacific.
    Why that scientist moved her family from beautiful Boston to Australia is beyond me…..they are on the Pacific basin…..and are getting the waters from the Pacific as I write this…..
    Why didn’t she go to Europe or the UK? I am not saying you are not going to get it, you will, but you are the most distant. A globe of the world is a good thing to have, it shows a lot.
    So, friend, at least you are best positioned. It will get everyone, but you have more time. Here in the west, we are getting the worst of it blasting our shores every day.
    3X what it was 3 years ago? Depending on the depth of abilities of the monitor, you sound as if you are in the best place.
    God, I wish my ancestors had not fought in the American Revolution and had stayed in England.

  4. I think the safest area is on Europa, but it’s too early.

    Murmansk is the best bet in my opinion. Sheltered by the mountains of Norway, and not hit by Chernobyl.

    If this thing is endless, as it now seems, and there’s little we can do to protect ourselves, those of an appropriate age, (<40), should be looking at all options on the table.

    Obviously those representing the people responsible for all this, don't want anybody to be aware. So it MUST be part of Agenda 21. The silence is deafening!!!!

    "Infinite" is probably the best guru I would turn to for guidance on making the best decisions to protect you and yours, without the hype & emotion.

    I have been educating my daughter & grandkids to take Nascent Iodine to top up the thyroid for three months at 3 drops/day for 3 months then 3 drops/week to keep it there and block the inadvertent intake od Cs137.

    After reading about the protective qualities of direct Vitamin C during the Chernobyl event, I invested in some Organic powder for oral intake which can be taken intravenously.

    It's anyone's guess coz we ain't been here before. But there's a lot of common sense available and it is wise to draw on it. We haven't come this far by throwing the towel in.

  5. Oh dear…I totally forgot, Murmansk is where all the Russian Cold War Nuclear submarines were stored, rotting, leaking and creating their own fallout, which the Russian press covered up.

    Ah well, that leaves Patagonia. At least it’s full of Brits.

  6. To Squodgy: There are leaking and rotting nuclear waste storage areas all over the globe…….we don’t know where they are all located.
    We have used nuclear rods leaking radiation in WA state, NM, Nevada…….CA is getting it from all sides……it is just awful.
    They are all over the world, and over the last 60++ years, their containers are cracking, and the poisons are getting all of us.
    What I don’t understand is why you want to live in such a world. Taking all these vitamins……I don’t understand it. Life will be a living nightmare, why prolong the agony?

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