NATO Admits Putin Holds ‘Short-Term Cards’, But ‘Won’t Be Around Forever’

NATO Admits Putin Holds “Short-Term Cards”, But “Won’t Be Around Forever” (ZeroHedge, Aug 18, 2014):

Following a summit in Brussels, a senior NATO diplomat proudly proclaimed that ‘allies’ have pledged more spending and will beef up its presence in Eastern Europe. However, likely to the chagrin of President Obama (and the West’s narrative), he let slip some uncomfortable truths:


So, all the west has to do is be patient? Wait out Putin? We suspect that ‘strategy’ may get accelerated at some point.

Remember the prophecies by seers like Alois Irlmaier on events happening just before WW3?

Right before or better immediately before the outbreak of WW3 (by then it is too late to prepare yourself if you haven’t done so yet) there will be an assassination of a leader (or up to 3 people in top leading positions) taking place.

And I believe this leader to be Putin.

Why do I give credence to those seers?

Alois Irlmaier for example clearly foresaw smartphones and drones at a time when they did not exist.

He foresaw rising inflation, hyperinflation, the people getting taxed into oblivion and the collapse of the euro, at a time when he couldn’t even possibly know that the euro was planned.

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  1. They won’t get Putin. They also cannot do much about what he has set up. The west is deeply mired in debt, and cannot compete with nations that are clearly solvent.

    Unless WW3 is foretold to be economic, and predicted to start with a man named Hugo Chavez in 2010 with the advent of the Sucre, the first electronic currency, then this is noise. The war is economic, it has been going on for four years now, and the US is losing badly. With the advent of the first electronic currency, the chokehold the US held over the world economy as the world economic currency was broken. Member nations of Chavez’s organization, the South American Trade Alliance, could all trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out.
    Russia and China watched closely, and set up a similar system, using Chavez’s model. China went on to recruit much of the world, including Turkey, Iran, most emerging African nations, India, Japan, Central and South American countries, and many others.
    The real WW3 has been going on since 2010, and it is economic. The west, especially the US, is losing badly. The US abused their status as the world reserve currency by nonstop printing, regardless there was nothing behind the money but ink. Following Chavez’s quiet lead, the world slowly moved away from the US, and now, they are sitting on piles of paper money nobody wants.
    Russia and China went public about a month ago with their de-dollarization movement after recruiting over half the world to their basket of currencies.
    They set up the equivalent of E100 Billion in a huge fund to finance smaller countries who wanted freedom from US financial domination. This has aroused much interest, and more nations are dumping the dollar. New Zealand and Australia dumped the dollar as well, regardless they are not yet part of Putin’s basket of currencies.
    The real war is economic, because that is all that matters.
    I sincerely hope they don’t kill Putin, he has done more in a few years than the west has done in decades. I hope he is too smart to let western goons get him…..and he has his own version of secret service.
    The genius of Putin is the fact he followed much of the western model, right down to credit cards from China, funding smaller nations buying their loyalty, his own version of secret service and CIA, technology from the USSR and China……..they have everything the west has, with ample funds which the west no longer enjoys thanks to endless wars to enrich greedy guts instead of national treasuries.
    Corrupt creatures have taken over and destroyed the west. The east is far better off, they have stayed out of greedy gut enriching wars. Their money has gold behind it.
    People need to look beyond the old ideas of war. Today, they are fought differently, and the west is sinking like a stone.

    The EU is also weak. If it does not side with the east, it will slide south with the US. I don’t think Germany (the nation that got none of their gold back from the US) will side with the bankrupt US. Where Germany goes, so goes the EU.

  2. Greedy gut bankers are threatening the UK with desertion to Ireland if they leave the EU. Squodgy, perhaps you can answer my questions around this story.
    1. I thought the UK was separate from the Euro, they have wisely retained their own currency, and I thought the isles are connected culturally, financially and historically. I know Ireland has had it’s issues with the UK, but that seems to have calmed down. How could the greedy guts abandon the UK for one of it’s smaller holdings?

    2. I thought the UK kept its separate holding from the Euro, and was connected with financial dealings, but not a member in the sense that France and Germany have become.

    3. This tells me my opinion the US dollar is riding on the back of the EU is correct; if nations start abandoning the EU to join the basket of currencies offered by Putin & China, the dollar will indeed collapse.

    4. If the UK starts using the eastern version of the Visa/MC, this will really screw the greedy gut banks out of their high interest rates they inflict on all who use credit cards. If the Union card prevails in the UK, that will cost the banks a great deal of income. The banks are empty shells. They also live paycheck to paycheck on a massive scale……..their entire “asset base” is debt. Boy, would the layoffs start big time. 2008 will seem like a Sunday picnic in comparison.

    5. By not repaying Germany their gold request over two years ago, the US has shown the world it is indeed broke, that it has no gold, and has been riding on World Reserve Currency status for years. Now, that has been broken, and the only outside system supporting the dollar is now the EU.

    6. The FED is carrying over 86% of the national debt, paying the interest to keep the US out of default. The FED is a bank, not attached to the US in any way. At what point will they stop carrying the Sick Man of the Americas and cut their losses?
    Squodgy, your thoughts?


  3. I’m in the middle of my second viewing of a very long documentary called “The Ring of Power- Empire of the City”

    It traces the history of the Emperors of Egypt and their links to the Hebrew legends of the First Testament, which is uncannily parallel.
    It claims they are one and the same and that through documented reverse invasion of Egypt, the Hebrews became the Emperors about 1500BC, and have ruled ever since.

    Justification for much of this seems tenuous, but when one looks at the Queen’s Coronation regalia and ritual, it becomes unsettling. Similarly, when one investigates the next Royal generation, William’s grandmother on Diana’s side was a jew. Kate’s mum is a jew. QED. George is a jew. Mainstream media keep quiet.

    The Bankster cartel that owns 90% of everything, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Oppenheimers, Schiffs, Rockefellers, Morgans, and so on, control, with the Vatican, everything and every Government and every Secret Service, and thus everyone.

    The Crown, an entity based in the City of London, still owns all of Australia, Canada & the entire USA!!!!!!! Check it out.

    The point I’m getting at is, it really doesn’t matter where the US Banks go. It is just wind and water to throw interested people off the scent. Ireland is a bankrupt EURO satellite, totally dependent on Britain for any trade.

    All central banks MUST be based in the three City States to escape legal responsibility and accountability. The 3 city States are, the Vatican, the City of London & DC.

    All 3 are immune from everything…it is in the Constitution.

  4. Interesting response, Squodgy, thanks.
    I agree on many points, especially the bankrupt state of so many satellite states, such as Ireland.
    My point is that all of them are broke, and Putin is quickly, efficiently and mindfully undercutting all the financial structures of the west with his own model. It is remarkably similar to what is now in existence, but it is established by nations that are solvent, not bankrupt, which tells me he might very well win the game. The west seems to pay no attention. The credit card story was totally ignored regardless how reliant the banks are on the indebted customers to make interest payments on their inflated balances. If those go away, the banks are in deep trouble.
    They cannot even carry mortgages, they package them up and sell them on Wall Street…….they don’t have the money… is insane.
    Perhaps his intent is to make Moscow one of the three cities, putting his own people in power. The greedy guts here in the west are not the only ones looking to gain world power……and right now, the east looks stronger.
    Every thousand years or so, power shifts from east to west, west to east. I think you could be right about the Vatican, and the great city of London, but DC is open to question……..the US is very young by comparison. Moscow is much older by many centuries.
    I went to an art show put out by the Russian government in 1991 in Seattle, WA. It was an art collection never shown to the public before. The works, which started in the early years, evolved into incredible pieces of gold work in the era of Catherine the Great, Faberge Eggs, plates encrusted with jewels…..amazing, until 1914. Then, the art got harsh, crazy, bright colors, but certainly no jewel encrusted eggs or plates. Art reflects an era better than any history book, it can certainly give insight into the periods. After 1914, the art changed radically, and through the 1970s, it became drab and repressed, due to the government influence. Because of my interest in Russian history, I was able to relate the art to the eras.
    The Vatican, London…..these cities go back thousands of years….DC, less than 300.
    Thanks, Squodgy.


    Several years ago, when I first got interested in who owns what, I saw this video which shows where the man himself was worming his way in.

    Not only is he now selling weather guarantees (no connection with chemtrails & HAARP there then?!?!….erm), he is advocating the one world currency and the supervisor of the Chinese Central Bank is his ‘friend’.

    Again, what we are seeing is all window dressing to keep us confused. Whatever Vlad does with China, it has Rothschild’s nod of approval because they’re already in there.

    Think about it, the USA and EU are bust, the BDI is bottomed so world trade is grinding to a halt. China has just admitted it has been borrowing trillions to build twenty cities……….who other than the people who own 90% of world assets would stump up that much? It was their perfect leverage to gain control of the Chinese financial sector.

    In my humble opinion, the Chinese Credit Card is one of Rothschild’s moves, and if Vlad locks in to it, it will please Evelyn.


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