“They Pulled Me Back In”

“They Pulled Me Back In” (Information Clearinghouse, Aug 16, 2014):

Last week, the Obama administration latched onto the plight of Iraq’s Yazidis who were being persecuted by those awful ISIS folks – just in jolly good time to divert attention from the massacre in Gaza.

How handy. All three US networks and the increasingly shackled BBC were ordered to drop Gaza reporting and refocus their camera teams on the suffering Yazidis and, all of a sudden, Iraq’s fleeing Christians.

This was a brilliant media ploy. The world, which was furious at the US for enabling Israel’s savaging of Gaza and killing of almost 2,000 Palestinians, switched its attention to the hitherto unknown Yazidis, and to Iraqi Christians. No one in the US had ever heard of Yazidis but that was ok. Uncle Sam to the rescue.

No mention was made that Iraq’s Christians had been safe and sound under President Saddam Hussein – even privileged – until President George Bush invaded and destroyed Iraq.

3 thoughts on ““They Pulled Me Back In”

  1. “Pulled me back in.”
    Reminds me of the line in “the Godfather” trilogy
    “Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.”
    The US has become a nation run by criminals and thugs.

  2. In response to Dad.
    I don’t think they were interested in being bought…….and they were stolen, not bought. The US went in, stole their major oil outlets, and set up a puppet government to give all the oil outlets to greedy gut oil companies in long term, low cost leases. Not ONE CENT went into the US treasury, it all went to Greedy Gut corporations. What did the US citizens get? The bills, which is why we cannot grow, or get out of this endless downturn……we still have 50,000 mercenaries there living in the huge embassy the US built in Iraq. Mercenaries all make six figure salaries a year, and it is all being paid by the US. Greedy gut corporations get all the benefits, none of the costs.

    Even the ancient Romans understood wars were to replenish the treasury, not enrich greedy guts. This country has been gutted, and now, because nobody else will join with him, Obama starts up the unilateral war in Iraq…….it is a sellout.

    If we were a nation of law, we would have impeached Bush/Cheney, Obama, and the entire supreme court, not to mention many in the congress. Instead, we have criminals in charge, and no other nation will join with us any longer, we have become the rogue nation, as Germany was in 1940.

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