MUST-SEE: ‘It’s A Plastic World’ (Videos – English & German)






It’s everywhere. We need and want it. We find it in places where we wouldn’t expect it. A world without plastic is inconceivable. But do we know the consequences of our self-indulgent plastic consumption? This film shows various problems associated with plastic and looks at possible solutions.


Es ist überall. Wir brauchen und wollen es. Wir finden es an Orten, wo wir es niemals vermuten würden. Eine Welt ohne Plastik ist nicht vorstellbar. Doch kennen wir die Konsequenzen unseres masslosen Plastikkonsums? Dieser Film zeigt verschiedene Probleme im Zusammenhang mit Plastik auf und geht auf mögliche Lösungenvorschläge ein.


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Producer: Andreas Tanner (
Music and Sound Design: Alexander Rösch
English Voice: Thomas Lüthi
Webdesign: Malte Vollmerhausen

Subtitle translation:

French: Corinne Roy
Croatian: Marko Skenderović
Italian: Focus Magazine Italy
Spanish: Sarah Edelman
Portugese: Felipe F. Schnack
Hungarian: Adam Paloczi
Ukrainian: Denis Seleznyov

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1 thought on “MUST-SEE: ‘It’s A Plastic World’ (Videos – English & German)

  1. Plastic is oil based, and mixed with all kinds of toxic materials to make everything from children’s toys to the bumper on your car……. it is everywhere. People stupid enough to eat food off a plastic plate out of a microwave oven is imbibing all kinds of horrible chemicals…..but they are too lazy to use good china.

    My daughter grew up with me (no kidding) and used to complain bitterly I insisted on the use of fine china that did not go into the microwave, and anything microwaved had to be done in glass containers. She complained we had to put more dishes into the dishwasher that way. What hard labor.

    I also would not allow paper plates or tablecloths. Tablecloths were linen, no plastic ones allowed. I was raised by an Edwardian grandmother, and I think human dignity has been lost in these times of rush and eat in one’s car……something else I never allowed.

    Rush to the commands of the Corporate Clock, making machines out of people……instead of the other way around. When I was growing up, automatic washers & dryers, dishwashers, all were labor saving devices for us.

    Now, the greedy corporate clock driving most is making people into machines to save pennies for them. If you die tomorrow, nobody cares.

    What a dead, dreadful world this has become. I will be so glad to go. Life in the US has become a living hell, barren and sterile. No variation of living is allowed. People are not even allowed to smoke, the police can enter your home and arrest you.

    I am sorry to say that dreadful, police empowering law was started in my home town of Belmont/San Carlos, CA (We lived on the border). Now, it is everywhere.

    I don’t understand or like this Brave New World as my late mother called it. She asked me if I disliked it as much as she did, I said I certainly did. She was the last person with whom I could truly empathize with, and she with me.

    From the splitting of the atom in the 1930’s until now, about 85 years, we have set the stage for our own extinction……plastic is only one small part of it, and it is destroying the ocean as well as everything else.

    Our ocean is dead anyway……but there are others that will follow. The Gulf of Mexico is already dead thanks to BP oil and other greedy gut oil companies, the leaking continues and expands. Millions who made their living from the oceans have now lost their livelihoods, where are the voices of protest?

    Blacked out, just like Fukushima, plastic islands in oceans (greedy gut corporations called that recycling, dump it all on the high seas, charging us a lot of money for another lie), plastics in everything, even in foods……it is just awful.

    Thanks for all you do to publish the truths greedy guts would rather remain hidden.

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