Europe Blinks – May Cancel Russian Sanctions


Europe Blinks – May Cancel Russian Sanctions (ZeroHedge, Aug 15, 2014):

It appears the pain that Europe is already suffering post-Russian sanctions, is too much to bear (as we explained here). While NATO admits it saw Russian military forces cross the Ukraine border, European leaders, after discussions on widespread ‘aid’ for nations suffering from Russia’s food ban, have said they are ‘ready to review Russia sanctions’ if the situation stabilizes. Furthermore, snubbing Washington, European leaders said they do not want to impose more sanctions on Russia. Obama alone again?

As Bloomberg notes,

EU ready to review Russia sanctions if situation in eastern Ukraine clearly stabilizes, although measures were in part imposed over annexation of Crimea, Interfax says, citing interview w/ EU envoy to Russia Vygaudas Usackas.

Sanctions not goal unto themselves

EU doesn’t want to impose more sanctions on Russia

EU hopes Russia will hand over humanitarian aid to Ukraine in compliance w/ intl law

EU hasn’t decided on suing Russia in WTO, ready to defend interests

1 thought on “Europe Blinks – May Cancel Russian Sanctions

  1. Of course they will cancel the sanctions. They help nobody. E120 billion a year goes into the Eurozone thanks to Russia, and nobody is going to give that up.

    They only did it to appease the US for a while, but the while is about up. The US is sliding so fast, I have never seen a country go down so fast (without a war, invasion and conquest) as this one is doing. The US has no allies left, the UK and Israel are not supporting anything they suggest, and they have no others. Nobody else will support the perpetual war game……..Americans are sick of it, and so is the world.

    Since Putin so easily stopped the US invasion of Syria, the rest of the world saw the US is no longer the biggest dog in the game……….they can say no, and the US can do nothing. Putin sent in ten warships and one aircraft carrier, and the US ran like a rabbit.

    Now, they are back to bombing Iraq, something they have done alone from the beginning. I cannot express how disgusted many feel about this………this is where millions of us came in. Obama is doing the same thing as Bush did, and fewer and fewer are fooled by it. I guess they want to cede the White House to the Republicans next election……………………………

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