Ferguson: ‘War Zone Or US City?’ … The Morning After

Riot police stand guard as demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri


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Ferguson: “War Zone Or US City?”… The Morning After (ZeroHedge, Aug 14, 2014)

1 thought on “Ferguson: ‘War Zone Or US City?’ … The Morning After

  1. If Americans lie down for this type of treatment, the republic is as dead as the Roman republic. This is outrageous…………and people really think the government wants their revolvers, with tanks and machine guns??
    Talk about a false issue. No wonder no argument on guns…..they have turned police into military, and thanks to NDAA, the military can grab any civilian, lock them away for years without charges or any due process.
    Why Americans still love that creep in the white house I attribute to US propaganda…….bet none of this is on there…….this is downright terrifying.

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