HORROR: ‘Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation’ (Video)


Streamed live on Aug 10, 2014


http://www.thenuclearproctologist.org/ The entire 200 kilometers we checked of Canadian Pacific Coast Line was devoid of all life , recovery is highly unlikely . This presentation will be followed tonight with a Q & A session at 8 pm pacific Canada time on this same site beautifulgirlbydana . Watch the live presentation Aug 10th 2014 at 1 pm BC Pacific time in Canada on beautifulgirlbydana
it will show up at this link https://www.youtube.com/user/Beautifu…

Low tide zone info
B,C, parks Over 5000 species PDF file download

2 thoughts on “HORROR: ‘Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation’ (Video)”

  1. I want to thank the people for putting this video together. It is a shocking eye opener…..I didn’t think about insects, but this will affect all life as we know it.

    I have little faith in human response to it…….the mindless have inherited the earth. I think suicide is the wisest way out. I sent the link to a few people, but few will want to face it. They would rather hide…….it is contemptible, but true.

    Corporations have control of the media, and they keep the fools diverted. They will die a horrific death, but are too stupid and full of denial to realize it until it happens. I can already feels the burning in my throat and breathing passages……..hearing the Pacific is totally dead explains it.

    The idea flies serve a good purpose isn’t something we think about until they are gone. I was talking to a friend about the dead sea animals on our beaches the vulture animals won’t touch. He said perhaps the insects would do the job……..I guess not.

    Thanks for introducing me to another website that pays attention to the only real story…..Fukushima. The rest are diversions.

  2. According to this report, the Pacific is the world’s largest ocean. 50% of all our oxygen comes from it. Now, it is dead, and there is no sea life.
    All of us, humans, animals, fish…….all face death.


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