Hard Proof The Ebola Outbreak Is A Hoax

H/t reader squodgy:

“Just as with911, 7/7, MH17, Sandy Hook. H5N1 et al, the stories don’t seem to stand up to scrutiny. Here’s another one worth looking twice at….”

Hard Proof the Ebola Outbreak is a Hoax (NODISINFO.COM, Aug 11, 2014):

What an absolute fake it is, the Ebola outbreak – an outbreak which never occurred. People were paid off. There is no evidence of any deaths or injuries, especially regarding cases in the Western world. It will be proven, here, that all cases of Ebola acclaimed to have stricken American citizens are fakes. No American was infected by this virus and was, then, subsequently flown to the United States. It was all staged, and it is easy to prove.
The powerful Zionist cabal is at its old tricks again. Using its significant assets in both the media and on the ground, it has perpetrated yet another ludicrous fraud. Once again, the fabrication is based on crisis actors, absolute fakes, who lend their faces and names for a fee. It is through such fakes acting as if real that the hoaxes have substance.

1 thought on “Hard Proof The Ebola Outbreak Is A Hoax

  1. BE AFRAID! Be Afraid! Be very afraid of_____________!
    This is how people lose their freedom.
    Remember Spain, Germany, Italy or Russia in 1930s?
    If you have no knowledge of that era, you are overdue to read up……it is happening again.
    Israel has become what they once feared the most. Read about their history in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. Back then, we still had decent people in power in the UK and the US. Today, they are gone, and we have no good leaders left.
    Russia has become a voice of reason……but is it?
    The US is falling by the wayside, being eaten from the inside out by the Vandals Within as Abe Lincoln called them.
    Europe has become a mess thanks to uniting all the countries under one currency, a stronger dictator never lived than money. They are now torn apart because so many nations used Enron accounting to gain admittance, and now once in…….the debt level to be carried by all……but too big to ever pay off. Debt is slavery.

    Same with all the west.

    Now, look at BRICS. Russia’s debt level is 34% to GDP, Brazil, India and South Africa are all growing, emerging economies with plenty of growth……unlike the US which has zero growth and exploding debt.

    China is the weak link. They lie about everything. They evaluate their GDP on what they build, not what they sell…..really unhealthy accounting. Corporations are leaving in droves due to the dreadful situation of smog and pollution everywhere. They will have to spend the next twenty years cleaning up the filth left by the greedy corporations….

    But, the corporations left something else. Their blueprints for everything from GE’s power plants, to vehicles, appliances, semiconductors, computers…….you name it, China can now build it, and supply all the other members of BRICS with anything they need.

    They no longer need the west. Thank the greedy corporations, the US has become the Sick Man of the Americas. The EU will have to make a decision soon, go with BRICS, or with the US. The US is finished as a world power, technology has wiped out the need for any world reserve currencies……..it is obsolete. As obsolete as the horse and buggy………Nobody needs it.

    The EU has a decision to make. The dollar, or open basket of currencies? Switzerland has joined BRICS…..they know where future growth stands and it isn’t with the debt ridden west.

    But, Switzerland was never a member of the EU, they knew better. The UK was smart enough to retain their own currency, so they will probably make the correct choice, whatever that may be.

    The US has been gutted. The European nations banded together under one currency only to find many of the nations had lied about their debt level……now, they are stuck with debt levels beyond what can ever be paid off.

    Debt destroys. The US is buried in it, now, so is Europe.
    Instead of telling the bankers to go to hell and filing bankruptcy, they continue to carry the debt. It has ruined all of us.

    Bankers are greedy. They will suck the life out of every level of society. There are a couple of levels left……the wannabe greedy guts are the next target. They are the ones carrying underwater mortgages on multiple properties awaiting the recovery that will never come. Interest rates are climbing, and the greedy gut financial channels are saying higher interest rates are GOOD.

    Many have jumbo loans (over $450K) which have moved over 6%. They had been riding on 1% or 2% rates for years……now, their payments have tripled, and the end is nowhere in sight.

    For every point a loan goes up, the payment goes up 13%.

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