Ebola: Why Hasn’t A Pandemic Ever Started In Brooklyn?

H/t reader squodgy:

“Jon Rappoport’s wealth of experience & knowledge of the deviousness of the GlobalPharma is invaluable.

This is an amusing thought.”

Ebola: why hasn’t a pandemic ever started in Brooklyn? (John Rappoport’s Blog, Aug 11, 2014):

As my readers know, I’ve written a number of articles on the grossly misleading science connected with Ebola.

When you have: useless and false diagnostic tests; people with “Ebola” symptoms who are actually sick for reasons that have nothing to do with a virus; and a global PR machine that launches more lies per hour than a two-bit hustler at the racetrack; you can rev up a “global epidemic” purely on the basis of invented storyline and image.

This article is about the Ebola psyop. The imagery. The storyline. Selling it.

Premise One: “The virus comes from Africa. Uh oh. Woo. Watch out.”

‘HIV came from Africa. Uh oh. Watch out.”

The unproven Origin myths? “HIV=green monkeys. Ebola=fruit bats. Africans eating bats and monkeys. Africans having sex with HIV green monkeys.”

Storyline. Imagery.

A frightening virus is supposed to come from a far-off or strange place where “primitive things” happen.

West Nile=Uganda. SARS=China. Bird flu=“somewhere in Asia.” HIV=Africa. Swine Flu=Mexico.

Why don’t they ever say a pandemic virus came from Brooklyn?

Or Tulsa? Or the Grand Canyon?

There is ample opportunity to satisfy the “animals-gave-it-to-humans” storyline in the Grand Canyon or in an alley in Brooklyn.

A coyote bit the leg of a picture-taking tourist in the Canyon. Therefore, all of Japan is on lockdown. The Grand Canyon Plague.

A rat bit a young hoodlum while he was combing his hair to look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, in an alley in Brooklyn.

But no.

For Westerners, it has to be Africa.

Cincinnati Hemorrhagic Fever doesn’t have the same ring.

True, in America we have Lyme Disease, but the cause is purported to be several bacteria carried by ticks. A virus, like Ebola, carries more propaganda fear.

Bacteria. Virus. A virus is much smaller. A virus is diabolical.


The myth is: bacteria can be treated; a virus could destroy the world.

If pharmaceutical companies are going to sell billions of dollars of drugs and vaccines to treat an epidemic, their number-one target market will be Americans.

Therefore, Americans have to be terrorized. The best way? “The virus came from a far-off land.”

Ebola has the added image of the patient suddenly spewing blood all over the place.

This is crucial.

This is primal.

Never mind the fact that most people IDed as having Ebola don’t spew blood, or that a condition like Scurvy or a highly toxic industrial chemical can produce the same spewing effect. Irrelevant. The objective is to plant that image in the minds of the population, and connect it to Ebola.

And then—“the slightest infection with the Ebola virus and you’ll probably die.” Absolutely false, but who cares?

More mythical storyline: You’re sitting in an airport terminal. You open your mouth to yawn and the person next to you vomits blood, a molecule bounces off your wristwatch, and bingo. It lands on your tongue.

You’re a goner.

Six weeks later, closed casket. Or cremation by trained professionals wearing hazmat suits. Would you like roses or lilies at your wake?

With Brooklyn Fever, most of Manhattan would simply refuse to get sick, to show they’re better than Brooklynites.

I could very easily cook up an American epidemic. Drop of a hat.

Give me a dozen doctors from the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Unit and a whip, and I’m good to go.

I’ll make those doctors journey to the Western US and find a flu virus in a cow on a ranch in Wyoming.

Cows, like humans, probably have a few flu viruses at all times in their bodies doing absolutely nothing except lying around watching CSI reruns.

When those doctors find, in a cow, a flu virus they’ve never seen before, or pretend they’ve found one, we’ll give it a name.

The Laramie Flu.

Then the doctors will find, or pretend to find, the same virus in a few people.

We’ll report back to the CDC, and the PR engine will start to turn over.

Big promotion: Laramie Flu! Watch out!

Soon, every patient walking into a doctor’s office or clinic or hospital in the US who has a cough or a fever or an ache will automatically be slapped with the label: Laramie Flu.

The CDC will declare a public health emergency, egregiously invent the number of cases, and we’ll be off and running.

Some jerkwater drug company startup in San Diego will win a grant from the Department of Defense and work on a vaccine and drug.

“Heroic researchers are rushing to complete studies on a Laramie vaccine, while the public is anxiously waiting for help. Meanwhile, the CDC is cautiously recommending treatment with OobladeeX-2, a potent and somewhat risky antiviral medicine.”

Side effects: severe lung infection, flu, pneumonia, which in some cases is fatal.

Get it? The drug causes symptoms of flu. People who die after treatment with Oobladee are merely designated as “victims of the Laramie Flu.” The drug is off the hook.

Nice and neat.

Images for the Laramie Flu? We need them. How about people spewing up mucus? Violent cough, sometimes causing capillaries in the brain to rupture.

“It seems a truck driver in Texas ate a cheeseburger in a diner and contracted Laramie flu.”

Fear spreads like wildfire.

Storyline and image are the essentials.

Science? When it’s crooked, cooked up, and unreliable, you’re all set.

People, across the planet, are dying all the time. A created storyline falsely links a group of them together under one disease label, based on one propaganda campaign.

As for why each of these people is really sick, that’s irrelevant.

Deep nutritional deficiency for some. Environmental toxic chemical for others. And so on and so forth. But for that kind of truthful analysis, and workable treatment, you’d need pros who aren’t conventional doctors—people who actually know what they’re doing, who investigate one patient at a time, who care, who abandon the one-size-fits-all insanity.

They’re not part of the official storyline. Damn them, they don’t contribute to myth, frightening image, and big-time Pharma profits.

You can take this to the bank: if hundreds of people started dying in Brooklyn, and if researchers said it was a virus, they’d never ever say it came from Brooklyn. No matter what. They’d say it came on a plane from Somalia or the jungles of Brazil or Mongolia or the Moon.

1 thought on “Ebola: Why Hasn’t A Pandemic Ever Started In Brooklyn?”

  1. There cannot be a pandemic without a disease that is transmitted through the air. Bodily fluids are required for Ebola, and that limits the ability to spread it in a hurry. Like AIDS, some basic reading can aid people to avoid the disease completely.

    I remember the panic when AIDS was first revealed. We had no Internet in those days, the media played the fear button as much as they could, and people were terrified. Some basic reading and information soon made it less frightening. Amazing the power of truth.

    This non-story is one more attempt by media to scare people and keep their minds off other things going on, like the renewed bombing of Iraq, and other things, such as the falling economic power of the west.

    The crooks are fortunate in that regard. Use the word ‘economics’, and people’s eyes glaze over, and they won’t listen. The crooks and liars get away with so much because of that fact……many people have no interest in such things.

    Using such stories to keep people diverted only works so long. The Pacific ocean is still dying, our food chain is still broken, and we all face death, regardless of what the fools in power say. Food shortages will get their attention, but until then, the greedy guts have license to steal everything they find. No corrupt government ever had so much freedom to steal. But, thanks to Hugo Chavez (now gone) and Putin & China adopting his model he started as head of the South American Trade Alliance, the power of the dollar is gone.

    One would think the fools would notice the skyrocketing prices of food, drinking water, vehicles, houses……….but they think it means the economy is recovering. Fuel for vehicles has tripled over the last few years, but that is due to…………they are too stupid to ask.

    I’d like to send all greedy guts to live in Fukushima………….but justice is seldom seen these days.

    Instead, the intelligent will seek to find painless ways to die quickly. Radioactive poisoning fries one from the inside out…….a dreadful death for anyone.

    Had the nations been truthful, and united to save some people and magnificent sea creatures, it would have given me hope. Instead, they let them die a miserable death, alone and uninformed. Japan will not exist.

    We could have moved some of the whales and dolphins now trapped in San Francisco bay. They are a third of their normal weight, they are diseased and starving to death. All their food supply (smaller fish) is already diseased and dead. They are also struggling to find oxygen…..all of that has been destroyed by this “clean” energy. Why can’t our animal rescue people do something?

    I have never seen such inhumanity and depraved cruelty as I see today. It leaves me no hope, and I want death because I don’t want to live and die in such a cold and inhuman world. What has become of us? Where are the minds and the statesmen we used to have in droves?

    Where is the sense of honor I was taught? My world is gone, and I pray to rejoin it soon……..all my loved ones and friends have already departed. None of them would be able to look at what is being done and find reason to defend it.

    It is a joke, a miserable joke on all the people who did things the old fashioned way……..all are ruined or close to it. Meanwhile, greedy guts build palaces for themselves.
    The US has become an awful place to live if you are not a crook.


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