Global warming causes kidney stones?

Global warming causes kidney stones? (Ice Age Now, Aug 08, 2014):

Will this foolishness ever end?

“We know that climate change is bad,” says this article on “Because of warmer temps panicked polar bears stand on melting icebergs with nowhere to go, and the Statue of Liberty might not even survive for future generations to see.”

Hmm. Does there seem to be any bias in that opening statement?

“A new study links a warmer climate with a greater chance of developing kidney stones,” the article continues.

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and elsewhere, who completed a seven-year-long study of 60,433 patients in several major U.S. cities, say that when the temperature goes up, there’s a subsequent spike in the number of people visiting hospitals for kidney stone issues.

Their study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives. (

Oh, the dangers of gullible warming!

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