Forget iPhones – 100s Of Russians (& Mickey Rourke) Line-Up For Putin T-Shirts


Forget iPhones – 100s Of Russians (& Mickey Rourke) Line-Up For Putin T-Shirts(ZeroHedge, Aug 11, 2014):

While the West is used to long lines of people waiting patiently for the next big thing from Apple, it appears there is another ‘must-own’ item this summer. As Sky reports, hundreds of people have gathered in one of Moscow’s most expensive stores to buy T-shirts with Vladimir Putin’s picture on them. Somewhat amusingly, among the crowd was no lesser celebrity than Mickey Rourke who snapped one up.

As Sky reports,

Anna Trifonova and Ivan Yershov, known as the Anyavanya design duo, said their collection was inspired by Russia’s numerous victories on the international stage, such as the Sochi Olympics triumph, the world ice hockey championship and reunification with Crimea.

Their stall at Moscow’s prestigious GUM department store gathered crowds as some 7,000 new T-shirts went on sale. They sell for 1,200 roubles ($33). Putin fans can also buy an iPhone case for 600 rubles ($17).

In early June, some 5,000 Putin T-shirts sold out in one day.

The collection has 15 T-shirt prints, including Putin wearing military camouflage with the slogan “The politest of people,” and Putin on horseback, with the slogan “They’re not gonna get us”.

1 thought on “Forget iPhones – 100s Of Russians (& Mickey Rourke) Line-Up For Putin T-Shirts

  1. Can Americans buy one?
    I’d rather have a Putin T Shirt, (as long as it isn’t white) than an iPhone….the phone for suckers.
    This isn’t saying much. I remember when the iPhone first came out, and they were mailing transcriptions of all their conversations with the bill. That is when I wrote off all Apple products. If you want government recording everything you do, get an iPhone.
    I carried a cell phone from 1995-a year ago. When I first carried them, very few people had them, and when you wanted to make a call, the operator would come on, look up the number for you if you didn’t have it, dial and connect for you.
    It was really nice. Flip the phone open, and make your call. They were for phone calls, and nothing more.

    Then, they decided to turn them into electronic leashes.

    I dumped mine last year. If I travel, I turn it on, the rest of the time, it stays in the drawer.

    I don’t like the Orwellian flavor of iPhones.

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