A Message From ISIS To US

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6 thoughts on “A Message From ISIS To US”

  1. Well that’s kinda creepy to think about……
    I think the ORIGINAL HOME LAND SECURITY; AKA THE SECOND AMENDMENT HAS THAT CREEPY SITUATION COVERED!!!!!!!!!! Just throwing that out there. We have what, over 100 million red blooded American Gun owners?! Just throwing out some info for EVERYONE to think about! Hey, good luck with that world domination thing though; )

  2. To Squodgy: The truth keeps getting uglier all the time.
    What a bunch of losers run this country.
    It is bankrupt, so cannot get any allies for a new war.
    Same as above, no coalition against the most popular man on the globe…..Putin.
    Switzerland joined BRICS today……the Swiss despise the Eurozone…….the cracks are getting wider.


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