Radioactive Cesium In Tokyo Tapwater Higher Than Fukushima

“NRA reports Cs-134/137 density in Tokyo tap water higher than Fukushima.” (Fukushima Diary, Aug 1, 2014)

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  1. On this site today, I saw much data regarding fish being killed by radioactive poisons, some very far away. In MN, 35K fish died from lack of oxygen, thousands more died of the same cause in New Jersey. More such cases in CA where it might be expected. The same with all the dead fish showing up in the Gulf of Mexico, already dead thanks to BP Oil.
    All life is in deep danger thanks to the greedy corporations. BP Oil was just the beginning, and it got limited coverage from the corporate press. Now, Fukushima is into it’s 4th year with no resolution in sight. 30 months after the explosion, the ocean was dead over 3000 miles out from Fukushima. This data was provided by a man who sailed every year from Fukushima to San Francisco bay. The only life he saw was a dolphin with a boil on it’s head. No sea life, nothing, just emptiness.

    I have been fortunate, and have been able to cruse on the high seas, seeing eagles, dolphins and the like playing in the water. All of that is gone. 38 months later, and NOTHING has been done to remedy it. Instead, the greedy guts are busy trying to sell more power plants. Death of their children stares them in the face, and all they can think of is more money.

    Why Japan would not do what Russia did, bury the mess in cement is beyond me. Now, it is too hot, and it cannot be stopped. Had they acted as the Russians did, and moved on it immediately, we might not be facing our own annihilation now. Instead, the Japanese leaders, greedy beyond care of the human race, buried it.

    Now, it is too late. Babies are being born with defects, minor so far, but it is getting worse. Staph infections inside hospitals are continuing to rise. Services for the people continue to drop while greedy gut opportunities continue. Money has left this nation, once the most trusted in the world, all money is going where our jobs went……overseas.

    Our country has been gutted, yet not a word is spoken. The financial channels continue to hawk “the great recovery” that never happened. Food and fuel prices continue to climb along with shelter and medical care. The only ones getting anywhere are the greedy guts, government works only for them.

    I am so disgusted at what this nation has become. It is an abomination.

    Maryland, VT, Singapore, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, India, Australia (so much for dreams, they provide escape), Iran, Canada, Panama, Italy, China, Costa Rica & the UK, Columbia, Honduras, Denmark, and Bulgaria. Some on the oceans, it might fit…..but this proves the globe is totally inter-related, what happens to one part, will happen to all the others.
    I did’t list all of them, just going by memory.
    I was once given a test, its results showed me in the top 10% of the most happy go lucky people in the world. But, I don’t think I would make such a score today…..I see the end of our world, possibly the end of mankind. At best, a new Dark Age.
    I am so sad, anything but happy-go-lucky today. As a historian, I often wondered why civilizations vanished seemingly overnight, leaving no trace of ever existing. I always thought our technology could cut a strong trace of our great civilization.
    It is happening so FAST. The 3/11/11 event is far more powerful than 911, and it will wipe out much of the world, not just the people, but all our beloved furred, feathered and scaled co-residents. A world without them is so barren to all thought and feelings of all who loved them, myself included.


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