Admitted Liar Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Claims Russia Is Shooting Artillery Into Ukraine

Admitted Liar Claims Russia Is Shooting Artillery Into Ukraine (Washington’s Blog, July 27, 2014):

Should We Believe a Known Liar?

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is an known liar:

  • The author of the Patriot Act and former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee – Congressman James Sensenbrenner – says that Clapper should be prosecuted for lying to Congress and the American people about NSA spying

One of the nation’s top military and constitutional law experts – Professor Jonathan Turley – writes:

National Intelligence Director James Clapper appeared before Congress and lied about the program. He later said that he gave the least untruthful statement he could think of. But it was nevertheless untrue and potentially a crime for which he could be prosecuted.

And a huge majority of Americans agree that Clapper should be prosecuted for perjury.

Should we believe a known liar?

Clapper now claims that satellite photos show that Russia fired artillery into Ukraine

The Washington Post reports:

The Obama administration on Sunday released overhead surveillance images it said were evidence that Russia has fired artillery rounds from its side of the border against Ukrainian military units.

The grainy photographs, taken between Wednesday and Saturday, are labeled as indicating fire from multiple rocket launchers inside Russia and targets they have struck inside Ukraine.


The Pentagon and State Department first accused Russian artillery of firing directly into Ukraine on Thursday. The charges were repeated Friday, although no evidence was offered.

The high-altitude images released Sunday “provide evidence that Russian forces have fired across the border at Ukrainian military forces, and that Russia-backed separatists have used heavy artillery, provided by Russia, in attacks on Ukrainian forces from inside Ukraine,” according to labels on the pictures by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

In other words, Clapper is the one behind this evidence.  Well, maybe not the guy ultimately behind it …

Zero Hedge notes:

The US. Office of the Director of National Intelligence released satellite images taken by the private civilian company Digital Globe (and thus not government sourced) ….

Curiously, the US State Department is urging those seeking objective data on this unfolding development to follow the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, the same person who was intercepted in plotting the downfall of the former Ukraine government in a leaked recorder conversation with US assistant secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, of “Fuck the EU” fame …

Nonetheless, one does have to wonder: why would the ODNI, which shares intelligence with the NSA, have to resort to private-sector satellite imagery as proof? If there is anyone who has definitive evidence of anything happening in the world at any given moment and as seen from space, it would be the NSA.

The people pushing for sanctions against (and perhaps war with) Russia are all serial liars …  as are the people who’ve been pushing for war with Syria.

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  1. Clapper is a horrible imitation of mankind. The idea of his endless quest to find a relative or more, invite them to stay.
    Nobody believes a word Clapper says, he is the bottom of the barrel. No war, we are sick of it, and the horrible lies.


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