US Evacuates Libya Embassy Following Biggest Local Violence Since Gadhafi Ouster

–  US Evacuates Libya Embassy Following Biggest Local Violence Since Gadhafi Ouster (ZeroHedge, July 26, 2014):

The middle east is burning again: first it was the fascinating ascent of the brutal Al-Qaeda spinoff ISIS, creating its own Caliphate in northern Iraq and in the process taking over a third of Syrian territory as well as all of its oil infrastructure. Then, the latest iteration of the Israel vs Gaza conflict has now claimed over 1000 lives and is dragging virtually all neighboring countries into it as well. And the cherry on top is that the Libyan “liberation” by the US has just gone full circle, as the country is is now witnessing one of its worst spasms of violence since Gadhafi’s ouster. End result: nearly two years after the deadly attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, moments ago the US once again shuttered its embassy in Libya, this time in Tripoli, evacuating more than 150 Americans to Tunisia.  This is happening just 24 hours after the US Secretary of State was literally next door in Egypt, assuring the region that peace and stability are just around the corner.

US shuts embassy in Libya’s Tripoli, evacuates staff amidst clashes (RT, July 26, 2014):

The US embassy in Libya has shut down and all diplomatic staff have been evacuated to neighboring Tunisia by military escort because of ongoing clashes and violence between rival militias sweeping the country.

Some 150 personnel including 80 Marines were moved across the border “due to the ongoing violence”, State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf tweeted.

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  1. Gadhafi was one who spoke out openly against the US dollar being the world reserve currency. It no longer had gold behind it, or anything else. He urged the world to go back to gold, using that as the world reserve currency.
    He was destroyed for speaking out so openly and truthfully, along with his country. The World Bully was getting bigger and more aggressive all the time……as the value of it’s currency was falling.
    Hugo Chavez was too clever to allow that to happen to his little country. Instead, he worked quietly until he became the leader of the South American Trade Alliance, an organization of 12 small nations, including Cuba. Their combined GDP was less than $500 million a year, and it flew under the US radar.
    With that organization, in Spring, 2010, he introduced the first electronic currency, the Sucre. The Sucre allowed all member nations to trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. It translated the value of each currency at the time of transaction, making the need for any world reserve currency obsolete.

    Russia and China watched him very carefully. In November of 2010, they adopted a similar model for themselves, trading with each other, using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. They went on to recruit better than half the world. Now, nearly four years later, their organization includes Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa, and many emerging nations in Africa, Central and south America. It includes India and Japan after another fool round of sanctions against Iran. Obama gave Japan a pass…..what does that mean? Australia and New Zealand dumped the dollar two years ago.
    The one thing I thought would keep the dollar afloat was the EU. But, after reading the article broken here last night, it appears Germany may well join with Russia and China with their multiple basket of currencies. It is an amazing freedom for nations that have always had to change to the dollar to finish any transaction with another nation. Now, over half the world has embraced this practice, and the hateful behavior of the US has been the cause.

    The wonderful diplomacy and peace maker policies of my youth have been transformed into threats, bullying and endless sanctions. Putting sanctions on nations that no longer use your money really looks stupid…..but US leaders are too corrupt and self immersed to notice.

    Germany leads the EU. Most of the members owe them money. We made three very serious mistakes with Germany. First, we spied on them without apology or offer of change. Next, we refused to return their gold, and that made it pretty obvious to the world the US is broke, and didn’t have the gold, last, the endless lies, threats and total lack of respect for their nation.

    The US is no longer the world power. If the EU dumps the dollar, (Germany makes that very likely), the dollar will collapse. I thought it was another year coming, but our horrible behavior towards our once great allies has speeded up the inevitable……..and it could happen much sooner than I thought.

    Americans, especially those wanna be greedy guts I have spoken of before, who drink the milk of US media…right now they think they are in good shape. Yes, they have plenty of debt, especially in real estate, but that will come back……just check your local financial channel TV show……they think they are rich…….this will knock them into poverty so quickly, they won’t know what happened to them. Because their minds have turned to mush listening to US propaganda, they are totally unprepared for what is coming. I have zero sympathy for them, they deserve all they are going to get. Just like their government, they have no compassion or kindness left in them.


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