7/25/2014 — Man Made Tornado forms Over Virginia Air Force Base RADARs – Kills Several Campers

H/t reader squodgy:

“This man, who goes under the site-name Dutchsinse has been exposing HF Microwave use by Fairbanks HAARP & other facilities for over 5 years and had his site wiped out by Google and Hackers several times, demoralising him to the point of giving up.
Support from loyal followers guided him to team up with a fellow CT, and they now work together exposing storm, earthquake and tectonic anomalies they can link to Gov interference.

Here is his latest post. Isn’t it nice how the Government look after the people?”

I have posted many videos from Dutchsinse in the past.

His predictions proved to be accurate and spot on.

7/25/2014 — Man Made Tornado forms over Virginia Air Force Base RADARs — Kills several campers (Dutchsinse, July 25, 2014):

How many times is too many times before people realize HF (high frequency) RADAR, as well as VHF, and UHF systems — are inducing / causing severe weather ?

Chesapeake Bay Virginia is the most recent example of a RADAR induced rotation.

A man made tornado formed (as all the others previously) directly in the vicinity of multiple high power RADAR systems. The tornado, after forming, proceeded to head Northeast from the station, and cause severe damage.

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  1. Sure wish they would send CA and the west some much needed rain. We are dying between poisons from the corrupt murdering Japs with Fukushima, and the greedy corporations tearing down our trees for their own profits. I wish they would wash them off the face of the earth.


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