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So after the video constantly has been removed from YouTube I’ve added 3 replacements, hoping that at least one of them will stay up.

Now they are all gone.

Thanks to reader squodgy here is another replacement.

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  1. In Revelations, it talks about a terrible time when man will want to die and be unable to do it.
    Don’t people understand? Cancer and heart attacks are the way people get free of bodies that are worn out and no longer comfortable. They have destroyed heart attacks with their pig parts, now, destroy cancer?
    What an awful time I see with this idea. We suffer from overpopulation, not enough resources to feed and care for the people……Good God!

  2. One other salient point: I know a number of people who have had complete bypasses to avoid death. They spend the rest of their lives in the hands of the goddam medicine men, eating pills, fearful of any flutter. Good heavens! What an awful way to live, assuming you can afford it. Every week is spent going to different doctors, taking lousy pills that make you sick. It doesn’t stop their personalities from getting nastier and nastier……..heart disease makes people mean. They spend their lives in fear and the medicine man becomes the new oracle.
    This ought to tell a few people something. They turn you into test cases and studies. I see nothing of value about it except that it enriches the medicine men at everyone else’s cost. The last year of a person’s life has an average cost of a million dollars…..all to the doctors and hospitals.
    I’d rather have another cruse, this is no way to live. Please, let me die. This is becoming so much like the last days described in Revelations that it is terrifying. People will want to die, and not be able to……read the chapter, it is the last one in the New Testament.

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      This documentary is about healing people naturally, mainly through a healthy diet.

      This documentary is not about replacing body parts or prolonging a miserable life.

      In the longest and healthiest populations on the planet heart disease and cancer were practically unknown, so cancer and heart attacks have not and should not be ‘the way’ for people get free of their bodies.

      These people also do/did not suffer from diabetes, presbyopia, obesity and all the other diseases of civilization.

      When they’ve been changing their diet to our SAD diet, they too did develop the same diseases as we do.

      Now physically, spiritually and mentally fit grandparents have to bury their grandchildren, that die from cancer and heart disease, because they’ve stopped eating the usual healthy diet and living the old ways..

      How To Avoid Diseases Of Civilization: The Scientifically Proven Secrets Of the World’s Healthiest And Longest-Lived Peoples

      Why should anybody (incl. young children) have to suffer tremendously from western medicine concentration camp treatments (chemotherapy, radiation and totally unnecessary and surgeries) if there is a natural way available to cure cancer for good?

      In an experiment rats were given healthy raw organic foods and they all lived healthy lives and enjoyed a very long lifespan. They were playful and sociable creatures until they died..

      Another group of rats were fed with our Standard American Diet …

      … and not surprisingly the became aggressive, mean, selfish, sick evil bastards.

      So people get mean from their diet, their meds and from a lousy attitude towards life.

      Pain and suffering understandably can easily change a person.

      A stroke, for example, often amplifies emotional shortcomings (that were already there before). Some stroke patients get extremely aggressive.

      Others however dramatically change their life and choose to live. These are the ones who recover the best and fastest.

      In another experiment one group of rats was fed with raw organic foods.

      The other group was fed a standard western diet.

      The scientists added cancer causing agents to the diet of both groups.

      After only 22 weeks 90% of the western diet group developed tumors, whereas there were no tumors found in the group with the healthy diet.

      A professor of neuroscience told me that pretty much all medications presribed by our doctors are leading to depression.

      Our planet does not have to suffer from overpopulation. This planet could easily feed 14 billion people, if we would be able use the technology that the elitists are keeping from us.

      You would be surprised what we could do if we would use this technology for good instead of evil.

      The drought in california would be over tomorrow.

      The entire Sahara desert could be green in 2 to 4 years (without pumping any groundwater).

      This planet could be paradise instead of a (radioactive) pollution nightmare.

      Yet, I am not giving up on turning this planet back into paradise, …

      … otherwise there would be no reason for me to post another article, because what would I do by continuing?

      Just documenting our own demise?

      I’ve got better things to do.

      So luckily for those who enjoy this website I am still crazy enough to envision a different future and still have not giving up on being able to create this brighter future (by changing the present) …

      … and this is the reason why I am continuing to post articles.

      I have no problem admitting that it doesn’t look good for us, but that is no reason to give up.

      It’s a good reason for me to get better.

      Infinite Unknown

  3. Infinite Unknown, thanks for the wonderful post. People like you give me hope. Thanks for giving me a different view. Here in America, we see nothing but the bad side unless we do as I do……..stay the hell away from all the chemists and medicine men. Most people I know keep trying to push me to see their heart doctors, etc., and I won’t. I am going when I am called. No slavery to doctors or hospitals for me.
    I saw what they did to my parents, what they are now doing to my siblings……and it is criminal. Even worse, they embrace their enslavers, they think they are wonderful… is sickening. Their lives are spent in visiting doctors and having tests.
    Again, if the world could become as you describe…..perhaps it will when Putin takes over………(humor)……….but it won’t happen as long as the gaggle of fools we have in power remain. The voter has lost all power to get rid of them, and the longer they are there, the more corrupt they become.
    My grandfather served in the assembly and senate for many years. He received no payment for his services, his position gave him enough opportunity to enrich himself, which he did. No free cars every year, no fat salary……this is just food for bureaucrats and spongers……and that is all we have left.
    The US is finished as a world power. We need to find some way for people to survive…….and until we get rid of the fools, I see no hope at all.
    People like you give me hope. I wish there were more like you.

  4. Nobody is supposed to know. It’s bad for the cancer profit industry. When Israel finds a cure for cancer, it will publicize it all over the world.


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