Pentagon Says Russia Preparing To Transfer “Powerful Weapons” To Ukraine


Pentagon Says Russia Preparing To Transfer “Powerful Weapons” To Ukraine (ZeroHedge, July 25, 2014):

No red lines, no YouTube clips, no “satellite images” of WMD this time: just more “straight to propaganda” speculation by the Pentagon.

From Reuters:

The Pentagon said on Friday the transfer of heavy-caliber multiple-launch rocket systems from Russia to Ukrainian separatists appeared to be imminent with the arms close enough to the border they could be handed over “potentially today.”

“We have indications that the Russians intend to supply heavier and more sophisticated multiple-launch rocket systems in the very near future,” said Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, adding that the weapons were in the over-200mm range.

Warren indicated the weapons had been seen getting closer to the border and the Pentagon believed a transfer was imminent and could happen “potentially today.”

“We believe that they are able to transfer this equipment at any time, at any moment,” he said.

So Russia “could”, potentially today” transfer rocket launchers to Ukraine. But wait, wasn’t the same Pentagon reporting hours ago that Russia is now, with the entire world clearly watching, no longer even pretending to be not engaged and is firing at Ukraine forces directly from its own territory? Why would they stop now? And surely with every US spy satellite trained at east Ukraine, the moment this happens it will be blasted to every media outlet. Right?


A multiple-launch rocket system is a wheeled or tracked vehicle mounted with multiple tubes capable of firing a half dozen or more guided or unguided rockets in quick succession at targets scores of miles (km) away. The rockets are generally 100mm to 300mm, with those over 200mm in the heavier-caliber category.

“We’re very concerned with the quantity and the capability of weapons flowing from Russia into the Ukrainian separatists’ hands,” Warren said.

“There has been a continuous flow over the last several weeks of weapons and equipment from Russia to Ukraine,” he said, noting that the “most egregious example” was a column of more than 100 vehicles crossing the border.

The Pentagon’s assessment that a transfer of heavy weaponry was imminent came as Russian authorities accused Ukraine of firing a volley of mortar rounds across the frontier into Russia on Friday while a group of investigators was in the area assessing reports of cross-border shooting.

A Russian security official said up to 40 mortar bombs fired by Ukrainian forces fell in the Russian province of Rostov near the border where Ukrainian government forces are fighting pro-Russian separatists. There were no reports of injuries.

Then there was this:


And then, just to hammer home the message that crazy Putin, the “West’s Public Enemy Number One” is about to invade Ukraine, we get this from Reuters:


Ok, we get it: the former KGB spy is on full tilt and deserves every #hashtag the West can unleash. So please activate the sanctions already, those including Gazprom and not the purely theatrical ones to date, and let’s all sit back and watch what happens to Europe’s economy.

In the meantime, due to popular demand, here is some cover art courtesy of William Banzai.




1 thought on “Pentagon Says Russia Preparing To Transfer “Powerful Weapons” To Ukraine

  1. Consider the source. The US is not famous for telling the truth, their propaganda has been shrieking hatred of Putin for the past 3 weeks, nonstop. It is absolutely insulting to those of us with a mind (who know better than to listen) and even more insulting to a man whose cool logic and calm steps show anything but such folly.
    Ukraine has been set up with a puppet government established by the US government. The Ukraine is now in collapse. Why would Putin arm a nation that is falling apart, and God knows who will end up in power? The idea is laughable if it were not so horrific.
    What is wrong with the US they would pass such crap out by the bucket, not caring at all how many people get hurt? Where are our diplomats? Our intelligent peacemakers? Instead, we have idiots adding more fool sanctions toward a nation that has not used the dollar in four years come November, and over half the world has joined them because they no longer trust the US either.
    I won’t be alive to see the outcome, but I predict that within a year, 75% of the world will not use the dollar, and that if it has not yet collapsed, it will be that the EU has not yet completely abandoned it.
    I also predict that by some point in 2016, the EU will join the intelligent basket of currencies (technology has made the idea of a world reserve currency obsolete) and the dollar will collapse.
    Those people who won’t look farther than the FED will be very sorry because the world has already left the US behind, and the dollar will soon follow.
    I urge those who have money to look carefully at international activities, and not listen to US nonsense about Putin. I don’t know much, and I don’t believe in giving financial advise, but I suggest they look at where the world funds are going and act accordingly.
    Right now, the FED is carrying over 85% of the national debt (interest) because investment into this nation has slowed to a trickle. Nobody with a brain with an IQ over 80 is putting a cent into this economy. Everything is going overseas because this market is no longer considered trustworthy.
    Over 85% of all transactions on the Big Board are High Frequency. That means a few individuals controlling large amounts of money in large funds are buying and selling huge amounts of securities in less time than it takes to blink an eye. It is called skimming, and used to be illegal. Thanks to Bill Clinton, and the discarding of all regulations, such behavior is every day and there are no laws against it regardless it removes money from our markets every day. They pay no commissions, and are often warned in advance if the market will open high or low, so they can bet accordingly…….they get this information before the bell. The rest of us don’t get any of that ahead of time, so we haven’t a prayer against the greedy guts playing this game of High Frequency dealing.
    Even though it is illegal, it continues.
    As a result, nobody from overseas invests in this market and it is shrinking accordingly. We have relied on foreign investment for years…… it is gone.
    I can go on, but look at how the homeowners fared with the fraud by banks. The amount of money taken from US consumers with lost jobs, pensions, retirement funds…….all that money is gone, and none is coming back. Unless you are a greedy gut, and are willing to do any and all forms of fraud……….forget it. Even then, survival is not assured.
    We have crooks and criminals in power and no way to get rid of them. Thanks to Citizens United, the voice of the voter has been silenced for good.

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