Knowing war law exposes ALL US/UK/Israel war ‘reasons’ as BS propaganda; Oaths require leaders’ arrests

Knowing war law exposes ALL US/UK/Israel war ‘reasons’ as BS propaganda; Oaths require leaders’ arrests (Washington’s Blog, July 18, 2014):

US military, government (including law enforcement), and millions of Americans (including all California public employees) have Oaths to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It’s hard to imagine a worse domestic enemy than those who knowingly lie for unlawful attack on foreign countries, resulting in millions of war-deaths. These lies include Israel’s easily-proved lies that Iran threatened to “wipe Israel off the map” (more on Iran) while Israel actually wipes Palestine off the map.

The US/UK/Israel wars of the present are Orwellian unlawful because they violate two treaties renouncing armed attack as a foreign policy option, and allowing military use only in a narrow definition of self-defense when attacked by another nation’s government (full explanation/documentation here).

Article Six of the US Constitution defines a treaty as US “supreme Law of the Land;” meaning that US policy may only complement an active treaty, and never violate it.

Therefore, all “reasons” for US/UK/Israel armed attacks are criminal propaganda; constant BS to say whatever required to keep these War Crimes unrecognized (with corporate media complicity).

I recommend demanding immediate arrests because war law is so clear with US/UK/Israel violations so “Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Big Lie” obvious, the importance to remove these people from power of literally life-and-death urgency, and because Wars of Aggression is the Orwellian opposite of upholding the US Constitution. In addition:

No wonder that people around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country.

Importantly, current wars by the so-called “developed nations” has a history that exposes never-ending resource pillaging/colonialism. This history should be familiar to all high school graduates:

  • Colonialism whereby nations with guns stole everything they could around the world.
  • World War 1 whereby these same nations fought each other after almost all Earth was colonized. The war’s winners stole and kept the losers’ colonies, in abject lie of promises “to keep the world safe for democracy” and a “war to end all wars.”
  • World War 2 whereby the winners of the previous war failed to contain the principal loser (Germany) as a competitor.
  • The Cold War whereby former colonies were controlled through “friendly dictators” for resources and financial predation.
  • The so-called “War on Terror” whereby the Cold War winners continue resource and financial predation through false flag attacks, fear, and ongoing propaganda.

These invading nations created the United Nations to promise peace, but have failed to stop the ongoing Wars of Aggression by war victors (again, since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them). Therefore, anyone waiting for the criminals’ creation to act against their creators seems foolish.

What’s required to end these unlawful Wars of Aggression is being as confident in war law as what “stop sign law” means while driving. The nations blowing past war law to attack, harm, and kill is as obvious as a driver speeding past a stop sign. Both have clear laws to stop, egregious violations are obvious in both cases, and both cases demand voice and action to stop such reckless driving.

American Founders literally pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to gift our nation’s ideals and rights to today’s Americans after their own government rejected all reasonable efforts to uphold promises and guarantees for liberty and justice.

What will you think, say, and do to defend liberty and justice?

Current events seem to communicate that our choices are to either act now, or even the darkest satire cannot capture the future planned for us by current “leaders.”

2 thoughts on “Knowing war law exposes ALL US/UK/Israel war ‘reasons’ as BS propaganda; Oaths require leaders’ arrests”

  1. US?UK and the evil nation of Israel are all so far out of control that the world has abandoned them……..the US is now the sick man of the Americas, the UK is as always, the power of an earlier time.
    Israel is so despicable, I cannot say any more than that. They have become as evil in their persecutions of the Palestinians, as the Nazis ever were against the Jews. They have become what they most feared, and as a result, they are doomed. Good riddance is what most of us will say……….they are horrible.


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