The Whole World Opposes Drone Warfare … Except For The U.S. And Israel

The Whole World Opposes Drone Warfare … Except for the U.S. and Israel (Washington’s Blog, July 15, 2014):

… And One Poor African Country

A new poll from Pew shows that majorities in every country polled oppose drones … except for Israel, the U.S. and Kenya:

Opposition To Drones

Why Kenya?

Perhaps because drones have been successfully used to stop poaching of elephants and rhinos in their national parks:

Kenya is to deploy drones in all of its 52 national parks and reserves in a bid to monitor and stop the poaching of elephants and rhinos.

The move by the government follows a successful pilot project in major protected wildlife area, that saw drones reduce poaching by up to 96%.

Americans are woefully ignorant about this issue … They still don’t realize that drone bombings create more terrorists than they kill.

And as the Washington Post notes, Americans are stunningly apathetic:

We’re not kidding. Americans really, really don’t care about foreign policy right now — especially when they don’t have to worry about losing American lives abroad.

2 thoughts on “The Whole World Opposes Drone Warfare … Except For The U.S. And Israel”

  1. I am glad the drones have cut poaching by 96%, that is really good news. Perhaps there is some good use for drones. But, not as the US uses it.
    I am greatly opposed to drones, even more to those who use them to kill people……it is like shooting fish in a barrel, they don’t have a prayer. It isn’t real warfare, it is automated attacks, and ought to be outlawed.
    For protecting rare animals, I am glad they are good for that.


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